Awesome. Can't wait for the video release.

David C.

Downloaded St. A. Played from DL file.

David C.

However, it wants to download the files to the same name. Will rename last file in DL folder.

Mike  L.

Don’t mean to be too nostalgic but your dad was my first concert I ever seen the first annual turkey trot in Saint Paul Minnesota 1974 I think the warm-up band was Blue Öyster Cult I’m really excited to be downloading your music I’ve actually seen you twice doing the doing the Zappa does Zappa in Minneapolis love your work

Nedim K.

This sounds great! I guess there will be more live shows posted here. I've seen you and the band some three or four times (I got late in the game), and it's among the best concrets that I've ever been to. Every once in a while I check out those few recorded live shows on YouTube that have soundboard sound in them. This subscription however will pay it for itself! I don't even drink coffee, so I'm already ahead. Thanks Dweezil!


Hi Nedim,

Thanks for your support. Yes, I will posting many songs from tours over the last 14 years. I plan to do some full concerts at some point. I will be posting some F.O.H. mixes and whenever possible, full studio mixes. Also there will be an assortment of live performance videos that will begin to populate soon.

Your subscription will unlock special material just for you! Keep on the lookout for new stuff. I'm uploading some thing tonight!

Best, DZ

George Kanakaris

Agree with 'among the best concerts'.No big stadiums , great acoustics , small prizes and a wonderful band. I have been very lucky that he comes many times in my area , Belgium/Holland.I can only hope that the touring resumes next year.


Hello St. Alfonzo Download folks,

I've been working on the issues you mentioned. For clarification, "St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast" is included in the Silver Subscription package as a free downloadable track and there should be a download prompt visible. It is also a downloadable track for standard purchase. Once purchased, the download prompt should be visible. If the non visible download prompt problem is still occurring, please let me know. I'm sorry for the delays and confusion and I appreciate your patience. We will get this sorted for all of you.