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Tranquilo A.

what a fantasia in my mind by hearing that rhythm. a ten minute Into goes in this singing part and following solo parts for a end of time...

thank you for sharing your birthday song and have nice playing on tour. 

Vegetable, (Call Any?)

Just saw the video and it is SUPER Cool, Happy, Amazing and the work is stellar! It is the way music should be. It is done SO RIGHT! It is an honor to me to know Dweezil and to have had the privilege of seeing his father live 3 times and meet him at a Boston radio station. He was a true gentleman. Smart, sharp, kind and funny. SO is Dweezil. 
I love this song as performed in the video and I look forward to hearing the album. Thank You for doing what you do Dweezil, and to all those who been in your bands over the years. It has been a true pleasure! <3

Frank M.

Yes definitely looking forward to seeing this preformed at Indy this year ! 

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