Einar F.

Thank you & Happy Holidays!!

Michael S.

Any chance of releasing them in a .wav format?  I'd love to try them.

Greg F.

Hi dweezil thank you so much, but now I want one Axe FX III  these files will not work in my Axe FX IIXL 


Michael M.

I think their cab lab product will do this. Check the Fractal Forums but i think so.

tim b.

Dweezil: Can these be converted to .wav format for use with the Helix or with other devices - i.e. Two Notes Torpedo?


Hi Tim,

I'll have to find out. I'm not sure.


Thanks for these, i'm currently using a fractal fx8 4 cable method but if in the future i decide to get an Axe fx 3 these will be nice to have.