Hi Everyone!

I wanted to reach out an update you on RWTD EP-14 Joe Satriani. I am so sorry for the lengthy delay. The epsiode has been plagued with audio issues since it was recorded. There were times when I thought about redoing the interview but there wasn't time to reschedule it so I decided to persevere and address the noises and problems the best way I could. Unfortunately it keeps proving to be more time consuming than it appear at the onset. I totally understand that some of you are deeply frustrated because there is an expectation that the episodes will be available in a more timely manner. I am very sorry to disappoint any of you with lengthy delays. I know it may not seem like it but progress has been made weekly on the episode alongside many other important things in my studio, some of which will be revealed soon.

I always try my best with all of my guests to bring out different perspectives about Edward Van Halen and Van Halen's musical influence on my guests. It's more challenging than people might expect and I remain open to all new possibilities to improve the experience for the listeners but know this:


Even though it may not seem like I'm focused on that from a listeners perspective, there's a lot more going on behind the scenes.

I hope you'll be able to hang in there and enjoy the future episodes because there is a lot of great stuff in upcoming episodes.

Until then, I promise I'm doing my best to get the newest episode ready for prime time as well as the follow up, Andy Wood's Balance episode.

In any case, I apologize once again for the long wait.

Best, DZ

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Robert N.

When are the helix patches coming 

Victor M.

Dweezil, your work here is awesome! I’m thoroughly enjoying the RWTD episodes. All the little insights that you talk about has just inspired me to listen more to the VH tunes and take out my guitar and relearn the riffs. I appreciate your desire to put out quality and trust that the episodes are well worth the wait. :) 


Hi Victor,

Thanks for your support. I'm getting close to finishing part 2 of Joe Satriani now. Best, DZ

David McCain

Dweezil, I sincerely appreciate your work on this. I have zero problems with you or your current dilemma-I completely understand. As a creative artist myself, I’ve learned that you take the time you’re given in order to do what needs to be done. So, as far as I’m concerned, you’re doing awesome work ( funny enough, I’ve revisited the earlier shows and have picked up new things I didn’t get the first time around ). I understand the frustration from a few. But, doing something like these podcasts is extra special ( it’s easy to compare podcasts nowadays since so many of them are poorly recorded). So, hang in there, keep being a great person and know that there are supporters here ( like me ) who will ALWAYS appreciate what you have done and what you continue to do. Be well! 


Thanks David! I appreciate the supprt and kind words. I'm working on finishing part 2 at the moment. Best, DZ