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Doug M.

Hey Dweezil, I've been to many of your concerts, love them all. Then the Hot Rats tour started, I couldn't wait for the Milwaukee show, I got my tickets in December. Then this damn pandemic started and the show was cancelled.  I still have tickets and was hoping it would be re-scheduled. That has not happen yet. Any word on that ? I'm self employed also, I'm in the screen printing bus. at home. Please come to Milwaukee or close to it soon, thanks for your time.


Eric C.

Hi Dweezil,

i was at the paramount show shortly before we all went on lockdown. There was an ominous feel to the VIP sound check party. You pre-signed the posters and weren’t your usual handshaking self. You knew what was coming and put on a hell of a performance. I just want to say thank you, and I am looking forward to your new projects until we meet again. 


George Kanakaris

'Live Concert Specials (the equivalent of DVDs) from years of filmed shows' : I'm drooling right now : excellent news.Enough with the crappy youtube 'shows'.Thanks Dweezil.

daniel j.

Hi Dweezil,

I've often attended your concerts either in Belgium or The Netherlands in the past few years and I sincerely hope tot be able to do that again in 2022! Unfortunately I don't get excited when digital music etc. is offered. I Still and always will be attached to the psychical products, like CDs and Vinyl. I have bought all music offered by the Zappa Trust so far an will continue to do that in the future. So, I was wondering whether you have actually decided to give up on physcial future releases. if that is the case, I feel that's a pity. Success though with your sound laboratery!

Kind regards from Belgium.

Gregg K.

Thanks for doing this.