Joe  D.

    Frank wants you!






    This is really good news. Hope all goes smoothly as you move forward. Family is real, love is real, God is real (no kidding). Blessings on you all.

    Michael K.

    Hey Dweezil,

    As a passionate Italian family generated from your fathers indefinable brilliance, privately, I was always confident that you and your siblings  would sit down together privately and ultimately resolve your differences. glad to see that its in the  "Rear view Mirror"

    Shayne O.

    This is fantastic news Dweezil. We all love you, but we love your sibblings too, and seeing you guys fight felt like seeing our own family fighting, Feel bad situation!  

    I'm sure Frank and Gail would have been glad to see this too. Family is the most important thing. Family and music.

    Steve Schrouder

    That is great news!  So happy for u and family...Can't wait to see u and your simply tremendous band this Fall


    Wauwww I am so content it decorates you all ,kiss Sylvia.

    Chris I

    This is great news. Hopefully this will finally result in a resolution between the family members.

    I'm optimistic.

    Ian S.

    So glad to hear this Dweezil. I hope the family can now work together to strengthen Frank's legacy but also you can be friends again.


    andre a.

    That is my day made! Enchanted to hear the news and particularly anticipating seeing you in Dublin in August! checkout my blog Kamagra


    Great news, things can only get better from here! Looking forward to a list of new projects, new adventures and new deep cuts from the catalog.... fantastic tour this year DZ would enjoy seeing it again! As always, music is the best! 

    Martin T.

    That's my day made! Delighted to hear the news and very much looking forward to seeing you in Dublin in August!

    David D



    Yay! It's all about family. 

    See you in the winter.


    Really happy to read this news Dweezil! Best wishes to you and your family.

    Rob E.

    Heartwarming news. 

    Hope to see you in Amsterdam. The Utrecht show was absolutely stunning.

    I've observed your evolution as a guitar player for about 25 years now. From Rotterdam, where Scott broke two strings that were fixed while he kept on playing, to your first ZPZ show in Amsterdam, with Terry, Steve and Napoleon.  

    You keep surprising me with the amazing musicians you manage to gather araound you. Love to them all, especiallialy Scheila :-).

    Hope to see you in a few months.


    Greetings from Holland.


    This is terrific news - very glad to hear it. Maybe now you can finally release the long-awaited YCFOSA show downloads to everyone who has been waiting almost 10 years for them... :)

    Jeffrey B.

    P.S. Loved your show in Providence ... Saw many local people I knew there-- we all had a blast.

    Jeffrey B.

    Excellent news indeed.... you know we've got all your backs -- and we ALL miss your Dad.

    I tremble to think of all the fun he would have had-- with the current state of this planet/society/politics-- he is sorely missed, and much needed.

    Steve Schrouder

    Wow I hadn't even thought about that Jeffrey what a trip that would be a Frank we're still here. I still miss him

    Jack Q.

    Indeed he is missed.Daily.


    Good news indeed! Wishing nothing but the best for remaining Zappas and fans, friends, and family. 2019 looks to be a Zappatastic year! Thank you for sitting down together and attempting to work out your differences. Frank is smiling up in hebben.


    See ya every time you are in town (Milwaukee) gifted my nephew a master class last time you were here 5/4/2018

    hope the best for the family but worry about my third favorite Zappa  Moon if she is on the outside looking in

    then I feel worse then before