Good News!

Hello Everybody, I just wanted to thank all of you once again for your support.  I couldn't do what I do without you!


Please read the statement below.


Recently, we Zappa siblings (Diva, Ahmet and Dweezil) got together with the goal of resolving our differences. Once we sat down and actually listened to one another, we found a much greater understanding of each other's intentions.  We regret that our communication broke down and that things were misconstrued. It may be a bumpy road at times - we are a passionate Italian family - but we have decided to work toward privately discussing issues rather than using public forums and lawyers.


We are hopeful that if any of our father's fans have felt conflicted, they can join us in the peace of our resolution.  With our best feet forward, we are moving ahead and will faithfully deliver much more of our father's indefinable brilliance, also known as the "World's Finest Optional Entertainment."


Thank you for your passion and love for our father.  We can assure you, we all feel the same about him. 

cindy z.

You get what you pay for. The color and style are both great. They match well with just slacks or with a suit. The burgundy color works well with lots of fabrics, like light and dark gray suits as well as navy. I think it looks better than other "tan" shoes, which are a lighter color. I wore them brand new to a wedding and was surprised by how many compliments (men and women) I received for these elevator shoes.
The not so great thing about them is the quality of the materials. After just a few wears you can really start to see the "leather" start to wrinkle in the creases. I feel that after a few months, I'll be able to just scratch the material off with my fingernail.

Verdict: It's a good looking shoe made with decent quality for the price, but if you need something longer lasting, you should look elsewhere.

cindy z.

The earrings are adorable and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. The only issue is the earring back it comes with... it does not hold the earring as tight as I prefer. I have fluffy ear lobes and I feel like the earrings are too loose. I used different backs from another pair and I didn’t have any probelms.

Aaradhana A.
hleather j.

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amelia h.

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