Hi Everyone,

Good News, I'm adding a music store to my site this week! You'll be able to get new music directly from my site including a brand new song this week. I recorded a version of David Bowie's "I'm Afraid Of Americans" back in September 2017. In honor of David Bowie, this month, I will release my version as an homage.

Be on the lookout for other new songs and full albums to follow!




Give it to me.. in the back of my ford Capri.








Ooo,  Eaa

Uh-uh-uh uh, uh, uh-uh uh-uh-uh

Could this be the 10 Inch My Button's Bigger Than Yours Version?

Seriously, this is yet another great wake-up call, where Americans and all citizens of the world need to take a look into the mirror.

Thanks for a fitting tribute to David Bowie. 

Uh-uh-uh uh, uh, uh-uh uh-uh-uh

Let Peace Reign

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