• John(Lizweedus)

    DZ - I am with you ALLTHEWAY.

  • Janet from another Planet

     BOBBO and I LOVE YOU, DWEEZIL! and support you 100%! As you can see from the latest photo.....NO FAKE FRANK!!!  xoxo, j and b

  • andre a.

    Dweezil.... Hoffe, Sie gewinnen! Mein Nachname ist Zappa auch, und ich denke, ich kann einfach eine Band zu beginnen und gehen auf Tour..... Vielleicht rufen Sie die Band....
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  • Per-Erik O.

    We have one life, why fill it with conflicts? 

  • Tom H.

    Hey Dweez,

    So sad about all this bickering, You sir I first met in Washington DC at the PMRC hearings ... I hope you have the photo still I presented to you back in 2008 July the 8th at The Ottawa Bluesfest, to be exact, and thank you for signing my copy .... But the most fun I ever had was December 22nd 2012 my 60th birthday at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver shortly after I moved to British Columbia, you and the band were on FIRE that night ...playing the songs that I grew up with from your dad's collection... To moi it was a night of pure enjoyment celebrating my 60th, and what better way then to be in attendance at that performance, and after you played all my favourites and more, the best thing was talking with you and giving you some photos from the Bluesfest gig, after the show... I would give anything to see you doing Zappa plays Zappa again.... YOU SIR are showing the world the music of the greatest composer of the 20th century your Dad...and not to mention the great job he did with The Ren and Stimpy show as the Pope in the episode "Powdered Toastman" Hoping to see you soon again back either in my hometown now Victoria or Vancouver.... All the best for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... Let moi know of any thing coming my way...


    ... Tom Hay

  • David D

    again...i little off topic...but this WAS...a justin bieber shirt at my bar until i got my sharpie out...dd

  • David D

    a little off topic...my game 7 astros shirt

  • David D

    i thought game 2 was awesome...game 5 unreal...dd

  • mr f.

    hey Dweezil

    This is a sad state of affairs, and my heart goes out to you and Moon

    i know that you just want to get on with life and do what you love most; and sadly your siblings will not let you do so whilst they keep meddling in your affairs.

    Its clear that they see you as a potential source of income to the trust and want to cash in on that without any outlay or assistance on their part and if you don't want to do it on their terms then they want to try to stop you playing all together

    They should be proud and be positive about having a successful brother who is playing his fathers music

    Have you considered what may lie behind all of these shenanigans?.... what is the prime motivation of Ahmet and Diva to behave like this?  greed?  jealousy?.....i suspect this was brooding for a long time before your mother passed

    We have had similar crap like this in my family, caused by one member's false notion of being entitled to more than their fair share, its stupid and childish, but at the same time whilst you shake your head in disbelief, you have fight it 

    i wish you well, and hope your brother and sister  eventually see some sense in all this stupidity

    see you in Melbourne February 2018, i am looking forward to it




  • David D

    what a game 2...hope to see you guys soon...dd

  • David D

    hey dz...i'll take the HOUSTON ASTROS...who you got?...hope all is well...dd

  • Mika M.

    Hi Dweezil.

    I hope this cirkus works out to the best for you. I would think that in the public eye you recieve 99,9% of the support.

    And speaking of cirkus...see you tonight at Cirkus in Stockholm.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Om R.

    yes damm sure it sympathy your side i am very glad having another chance 



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  • Frank M.

    Hi Dweezil, I'm sure you will make it - sympathy is on your side! I am very happy having the chance to see your concert tonight in Hengelo. Today is my 50th birthday and the motto of your show couldn't fit any better... (what can I wish more as a guitarist and F.Z. harcore maniac?)

    All the best!

  • Peter F.

    Frank's heritage belongs to you, amazing show in Tilburg, thumbs up, f**k the family trust, music is the best, the Illinois Enema Bandit is for the lawyers!

  • syll.

    Hello you Dweezil Zappa ,great guy,for me it`s not boring,it`s very important and so sad it hurts.Respect and a warm thanks to you and your band which i just heard and saw in Utrecht!Wauwwww ,the place was filled with warmth,willingness towards each other ,musical class ,enjoyment and respect for you and your band,really we all left this super concert with a golden memory made.I even had the opportunity to hold your hand ,childish ? well i am so glad to have seen you and your band ,this family  disaster is shameful and a to cry over.Also the whole name issue is terrifying ,crazy,my name is Sylvia Haring ,I make some art,but then there is Keith Haring....can i in future get trouble about my real own name ,and get crazy lawsuits if i decide to get into the world?!!ok ,sometimes tears run over my face when i think about your family and your father,really Ahmet come on man,human being....Wish you all well,Sylvia.

  • Silicon Tao

    Saw the Brussels concert last night. Really enjoyed the lead vocals, some outstanding stuff on Advance Romance. Drums were animal throughout the evening.

    Somewhere in this feuding business there might be some pigs saluting smoke, we know they worship that smoke. So who is making those new brown clouds.

    Reminds me that Zomby Woof was another vocal tour de force last night.

    Anyway, we just gotta keep an eye on the smoke, the Central Scrutinizer knows how to make Billy the Mountain chuckle.

    Till next time..... Zzzzzaaaaapppppaaaaa.....

  • Arkhady J.

    hello Dweezil,

    I saw the show last night in Paris At the Trianon theater ..and it was fantastic and i had a huge pleasure to listen again the music of Franck, played by you. .chance to me because I already saw your father in 1989 in France and you with ZPZ in 2006

    I'm really a fan from the music of FRANCK and the music that you made too...it is reall the best band that i heard on stage...and i agre with last comments ,you made really a great work and the result on stage is getting better and better..your band is fantastic and i took a real pleasure to see the show of Ryan Brown (i'm a drummer so ...:) great job ! )

    I would like so to put the eyebrows on my music ...do you know if we could access to some serious music scores in order to play too at our level of passionates the music of Franck ?

    Thanks a lot for what you bring to my life, your father first, your family and now YOU specially with this project !! ..last night i really knew what was the real music ...with humour insides !

    I will be there for the next show in Paris ... in the meantime, i 'm waiting for hearing you soon with a Blue ray/ LP for this show.

    Best regards


  • arnold H.

    Saw the show yesterday in Paris. Fantastic. "Its' getting better all the time". The best band I ever heard since Frank was here.

    Thank you so much. Please come back soon "down in France".

    What about a new live LP ?


  • Mike A.

    Saw the brilliant show in Glasgow. What a professional man of integrity (and s**t hot musician) you are Dweezil. Your dad would be so very proud of you, and I really wish I’d taken the time to tell you face to face after the show when you were signing t-shirts. Rock on, you will win this battle. And please come back to Scotland very, very soon!