Response To My Brother's 2nd Open Letter

Hello, Everyone,

I am aware that this Zappa family conflict stuff has become extremely boring at this point.

There are far more serious things happening in the world that deserve all of our attention and positivity. I for one would rather concentrate on better things.

Since my brother's 2nd open letter is so inconsistent and filled with so many egregious inaccuracies I won't bother to address them point by point.

As an overview, my brother's strategy appears to be all about deflection and deception.

The letter reads as if he is spraying people with a hose filled with word noise. He is relying on people to ignore the facts.

Other than that, it appears that my brother is attempting to reach out to me and urging that we speak. I'm amenable to speaking, that is not an issue. Let’s pick a time.

The question at hand is, what is the difference between the Ahmet that speaks to me on the phone and the Ahmet that speaks to his lawyers?

There is a clear history of Ahmet saying one thing and doing the opposite. For a phone call to be of any value, there must be some legal closure as a result.


For clarification, I have not received any recent emails or calls from my brother.


Ahmet, if you did send a recent email, which address was it sent to?

Was it sent it to my email address, the one you recently blocked me from and illegally seized and archived all of the contents, claiming it was for the "protection" of the ZFT? The role of the trustees of the ZFT (you) is to work within the best interests of the beneficiaries of the ZFT (me), so how does stealling all of my emails protect me, I wonder?

I'm not sure how my 15-year-old, private email address (with over 80,000 emails), containing attorney-client privileged information, divorce records, medical records and personal communications between me and my former wife, as well as my wife and kids, is suddenly your property.

Conversely, I haven't had any trouble receiving emails sent from your attorneys.


The inappropriate vitriolic email your wife sent me the other day landed in my inbox. How come I got that and not your email?

In closing, I'm sure you're aware that you could easily make things better right away by signing a Trademark co-existence agreement. Why not show good faith in advance of a phone call?

I'm happy to get on the phone. You know my number.





  • John(Lizweedus)

    DZ - I am with you ALLTHEWAY.

  • Janet from another Planet

     BOBBO and I LOVE YOU, DWEEZIL! and support you 100%! As you can see from the latest photo.....NO FAKE FRANK!!!  xoxo, j and b

  • andre a.

    Dweezil.... Hoffe, Sie gewinnen! Mein Nachname ist Zappa auch, und ich denke, ich kann einfach eine Band zu beginnen und gehen auf Tour..... Vielleicht rufen Sie die Band....
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  • Per-Erik O.

    We have one life, why fill it with conflicts? 

  • Tom H.

    Hey Dweez,

    So sad about all this bickering, You sir I first met in Washington DC at the PMRC hearings ... I hope you have the photo still I presented to you back in 2008 July the 8th at The Ottawa Bluesfest, to be exact, and thank you for signing my copy .... But the most fun I ever had was December 22nd 2012 my 60th birthday at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver shortly after I moved to British Columbia, you and the band were on FIRE that night ...playing the songs that I grew up with from your dad's collection... To moi it was a night of pure enjoyment celebrating my 60th, and what better way then to be in attendance at that performance, and after you played all my favourites and more, the best thing was talking with you and giving you some photos from the Bluesfest gig, after the show... I would give anything to see you doing Zappa plays Zappa again.... YOU SIR are showing the world the music of the greatest composer of the 20th century your Dad...and not to mention the great job he did with The Ren and Stimpy show as the Pope in the episode "Powdered Toastman" Hoping to see you soon again back either in my hometown now Victoria or Vancouver.... All the best for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... Let moi know of any thing coming my way...


    ... Tom Hay