• Emergency Man

    THE TORTURE NEVER STOPS! I have your back Dweezil...Frank is turning over in his Grave...see you when you come to town...'THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

  • Frank L.

    I wonder what his lawyer is giving him for Christmas, other than another Invoice!..."When the lie is so big, that you can't prove it's a lie". Does he truly believe people are that stupid? Does he truly believe his father would approve of his behavior? It's SO condescending! Speaks Volumes about the kind of person he really is, while he "attempts" to portray himself as Mr. Nice Guy! Pathetic! 

  • floss

    "1 million percent"!!!!  Ahmet's such a moron!

    Can't wait for Tuesday.  Have to get some more DZ merch - I can't bear to wear the ZFT-stamped t-shirts anymore.  I have dozens of FZ and ZPZ tour shirts, but only my "Team Dweezil" and "Others of Intention" will properly convey my support.  Hope you're bringing lots DZ - don't want you to run out before getting to us!


  • tom h.

    ahmet is being true to his chosen replacement name of being Rick the Dick. Grow the f**k up and leave Dweezil be.

  • Ciaran Cunningham

    I'm with DZ all the way and hope this all works out in his favour. Now, don't shoot me for this but I also hope the Zappas can find a way to be a family again once the dust settles, as it inevitably will. 


  • David McCain

    Heard Ahmet's comments too. Preposterous.  

  • pete

    Just goes to show that the ZFT is full of s**t! Ahmet should be ashamed of himself for a cheesy FZ hologram tour and so should any musicians that participate in any such show.