Co-Existence...It's A Way Of Life!

Hello, Friends, Others, Otters, Tribesmen, and Tribes-Women,

It's update time again regarding the Zappa Family Trust (ZFT). As some of you may know, on the 26th of September 2017, I once again proposed a Trademark settlement agreement to them. They have been completely unresponsive after 6 business days.

Each day that goes by only serves to confirm that the ZFT is intentionally continuing the Trademark conflict and has from the beginning, shown their clear intent to block me from using my name in the field of "live music and entertainment."

As the architects of this divisive turf war over our family name, the ZFT continues to dubiously vacillate from position to position making statements that conflict with themselves, and have no consistency. When put to the test, the ZFT is unable to refute the arguments against them with verifiable facts.

Ahmet Zappa has recently been promoting himself in the media, discussing the ZFT proposed Frank Zappa hologram tour (Which has been met with disapproval from Zappa fans worldwide) and has been making direct statements in his own voice on Sirius satellite radio and elsewhere that he and the ZFT have never said that they would block me from using my own name to identify myself. (What is being left out each time is the part about "live music and entertainment') It would be great if Ahmet's claims were actually true. Ahmet's own actions as a trustee for the ZFT prove that his statements are false.

If he were telling the truth he would have no problem entering into a Trademark Co-Existence agreement with me.

His claims are in direct conflict with the statements made by the lawyers for the ZFT in the legal proceedings, who have supplied this response to my attorney's direct question about the use of my name in any and all services in the field of "live music and entertainment."

“The Trust does not agree to your client’s use of DWEEZIL ZAPPA as a trademark in connection with any and all services.”

The more nuanced elements of the Trademark conflict revolve around the specific language pertaining to "live music and entertainment" and the use of the name Dweezil Zappa as a Trademark in that realm.

The ZFT has clearly stated that they do not agree to allow me to use my name in the field of "live music and entertainment." That is precisely how they are trying to block me from using my name to identify myself as a musician and why the Trademark case is ongoing.

Ahmet Zappa, however, keeps telling anyone he thinks he can convince that he and his lawyers are not saying they will block me.

It seems odd considering that the documents in the case state that the ZFT is, without a preponderance of doubt, saying exactly the opposite of what is spilling out of Ahmet's mouth. In Ahmet Zappa vernacular, the ZFT is "1 million percent" attempting to block me from using my own name to identify myself in the field of "live music and entertainment."

By ignoring my simple settlement resolution, a co-existence agreement in the field of "live music and entertainment" for the second time, Ahmet and the ZFT have clearly chosen once again to keep the conflict going and effectively confirmed the falseness of Ahmet's public statements on this topic.

Remember this quote from Ahmet Zappa? It's back...

Rolling Stone magazine, September 21, 2017. "Last year, Dweezil revealed that he had to license his own last name in order to perform in a long-running show he devised in tribute to his father called Zappa Plays Zappa and could not sell related merchandise. He also claimed he received a cease-and-desist from the Zappa Family Trust and subsequently rebranded his tour as 50 Years of Frank: Dweezil Zappa Plays Whatever the F@%k He Wants – The Cease and Desist Tour. Ahmet told Rolling Stone Dweezil's claims that the estate was attempting to stop him were '1 million percent false.'”


Ahmet attempted to use our father's song "When The Lie Is So Big" to spin things in his social media posts. He aimed the song title at me. Well, it's time to back up your statements Ahmet.

Why haven't you agreed to the simple settlement? Why haven't you even replied to the offer?

Here is what my lawyer wrote to yours last week, once again for your consideration.



I have reviewed Applicant’s Second Supplemental Response to Opposer’s First Set of Interrogatories dated September 25, 2017 (yesterday), which adds this new statement to your previous response: “The Zappa Family Trust has no issue with Dweezil Zappa using his full name to identify or describe himself as a musician.” We view your newly announced position as an opportunity for Dweezil to once again propose a path to resolution of the opposition action. Dweezil is willing to dismiss the opposition action if the ZFT is willing to enter into a coexistence agreement that provides that ZFT consents to Dweezil’s use and registration of the trademark DWEEZIL ZAPPA in connection with various goods and services, including in the music and entertainment field. Please let me know if your client would like to explore entering into a coexistence agreement and resolving this opposition.


Like a broken record, I will repeat once again, your actions speak louder than words.

What are you waiting for? Every day that goes by reveals more about the lack of credibility of your statements.

("When The Lie Is So Big")

If you wish to keep saying to anyone who will listen that you're not trying to block me, then why haven't you done anything at all to prove that you're not trying to block me?

("When The Lie Is So Big")

Don't you think it's time to follow through with what you keep saying to everyone online and in the media?  

Co-Existence... Think about it.


What is so difficult about that?

Is the thought of Co-Existence more painful to you than filling your lawyer's swimming pool with another dump truck full of cash?

Co-Existence, it's a way of life!



  • Emergency Man

    THE TORTURE NEVER STOPS! I have your back Dweezil...Frank is turning over in his Grave...see you when you come to town...'THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

  • Frank L.

    I wonder what his lawyer is giving him for Christmas, other than another Invoice!..."When the lie is so big, that you can't prove it's a lie". Does he truly believe people are that stupid? Does he truly believe his father would approve of his behavior? It's SO condescending! Speaks Volumes about the kind of person he really is, while he "attempts" to portray himself as Mr. Nice Guy! Pathetic! 

  • floss

    "1 million percent"!!!!  Ahmet's such a moron!

    Can't wait for Tuesday.  Have to get some more DZ merch - I can't bear to wear the ZFT-stamped t-shirts anymore.  I have dozens of FZ and ZPZ tour shirts, but only my "Team Dweezil" and "Others of Intention" will properly convey my support.  Hope you're bringing lots DZ - don't want you to run out before getting to us!


  • tom h.

    ahmet is being true to his chosen replacement name of being Rick the Dick. Grow the f**k up and leave Dweezil be.

  • Ciaran Cunningham

    I'm with DZ all the way and hope this all works out in his favour. Now, don't shoot me for this but I also hope the Zappas can find a way to be a family again once the dust settles, as it inevitably will.