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    Hello you Dweezil Zappa ,great guy,for me it`s not boring,it`s very important and so sad it hurts.Respect and a warm thanks to you and your band which i just heard and saw in Utrecht!Wauwwww ,the place was filled with warmth,willingness towards each other ,musical class ,enjoyment and respect for you and your band,really we all left this super concert with a golden memory made.I even had the opportunity to hold your hand ,childish ? well i am so glad to have seen you and your band ,this family disaster is shameful and a to cry over.Also the whole name issue is terrifying ,crazy,my name is Sylvia Haring ,I make some art,but then there is Keith Haring....can i in future get trouble about my real own name ,and get crazy lawsuits if i decide to get into the world?!!ok ,sometimes tears run over my face when i think about your family and your father,really Ahmet come on man,human being....Wish you all well,Sylvia.

    LISTEN to Frank I am so happy I could cry.. .maybe because of Dweezil`s performance on and of stage,love,Sylvia.

  • Nathan S.

    Dweezil:   I would  be happy to lend  my  legal services  to further your  claims..free of  charge..


  • Thunder Pimp

    You are a true inspiration bringing both Frank's and your own music to new audiences. So many of us have brought our children your shows and seen the amazement in their eyes at the musical prowess of your band.  Keep up the fight and the music.  You deserve better.

  • Scott D.

    This is so incredibly stupid and hateful. It's tragic that at times those that have grown up with you end up being those that tear your heart out. 

    Keep on on the path Mr Zappa. You are blessed with the talent to bring your fathers art back to life and share to a new generation of fans. I took my son to one of your recent tours.  He has a degree in music and your show floored him! A new Zappa fan, thanks to your passion and dedication. 

    Be well. We have your back. 

  • Tommy R.

    Dweezil - What you've done with your father's music over the last 11 years is nothing short of magical and divine. I don't think most people really appreciate it for what it is- musical manna from heaven. Nobody can ever take that away. If you sit on a cliff with an acoustic looking out at the ocean playing one of your father's songs, it goes on and on. Yes, folks, Dweezil Zappa really can play whatever the &%^$ he wants! And on that note, I'm going to get out of bed and put on a ZPZ bootleg while I make breakfast. Peace, your fan always TR

  • Mudsharkbytes

    You know for all the grief this has caused you I'm surprised you haven't just said screw it and stopped playing your fathers compositions and gone your own musical ways.  It's probably what Frank would've wanted for you anyway.  Your fathers music - certainly the best of it - is in no danger of being lost to posterity.  

    Let them play with their Howdy Doody fake pixilated Frank and see how far it gets them.  Concentrate on developing your own musical voice and let them go their own way.  I've seen the real Frank live so I've no desire to sully my memory by seeing a gesticulating Frank-ish dancing fool golem.


  • Mark H.


    So sorry you have to deal with this s**t. Good job promoting Frank's and your own music. Hope you can get this situation resolved - artists deserve better!

    Mark Hayden

  • Roger S.

    Only one person has been responsible for generating a younger receptive audience for Frank Zappa's work. That person should be thanked by the FZT for providing the platform for the terrible hologram. Thanks should go to that individual for Keeping the Zappa name connected to great music.

    That person is you, Dweezil Zappa !!!

  • Patty M.

    "...Wisdom sits on the soul of the righteous as if on her throne, and there judges whatever she judges.”
    Augustine of Hippo 

    Semper Verum, Dweez, Always Truth. The tide of support is swelling with you.

  • Daryl C.

    All I can say is that it's '1 million percent' wrong what Ahmet and Diva are trying to do. It seems to me that they would love the fact that you've gone through the hard work to learn your dad's music and share it with a whole new generation, but instead for reasons unknown (other than maybe greed or jealousy) they want to stop you. This world just gets crazier and crazier and this is just one more thing to add to the list. Really hope that you all can arrive at a resolution soon Dweezil, we're all behind you!

    • Mudsharkbytes

      It irks me when people inflate percentages like Ahmet does here because you cannot be any more than 100% anything.  In this case Ahmet is the one who is 100% wrong.

  • David McCain

    'Atta boy. Keep it up, Champ. 

  • Susan B.

    Why is it that some people are so unreasonable? Do your siblings just have to be "right?"  I cannot fathom why they will not work out a deal. One would think they would be thrilled to see their father's work shared again with fans around the world. Is it a control issue?  Is is jealousy?  You playing Frank's music also could make money for everyone, why would they not want that? Court battles are tedious, expensive, stressful and time-consuming. Come on, Ahmet and Diva, end this!!!