Hello, Everyone,

I've always admired my dad's quote, "Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible." I find it to be motivational. For me, it inspires creative thinking in all facets of life.


On the subject of progress, there doesn't seem to be any regarding my settlement proposal that was sent to the ZFT.


On September 26th, 2017, I once again offered a fair proposal that would allow the Zappa trademark dispute to end immediately.


Since their receipt of the proposal, the ZFT lawyers have been silent.


In a recent blog of mine I brought attention to Ahmet Zappa's quote in Rolling Stone. It bares repeating once again. 


Rolling Stone magazine, September 21, 2017. "Last year, Dweezil revealed that he had to license his own last name in order to perform in a long-running show he devised in tribute to his father called Zappa Plays Zappa and could not sell related merchandise. He also claimed he received a cease-and-desist from the Zappa Family Trust and subsequently rebranded his tour as 50 Years of Frank: Dweezil Zappa Plays Whatever the F@%k He Wants – The Cease and Desist Tour. Ahmet told Rolling Stone Dweezil's claims that the estate was attempting to stop him were '1 million percent false.'”


Ahmet claims that the ZFT has not been trying to stop me from playing my Dad's music (I've shown the Cease & Desist Letters which prove he has), he claims he has not been trying to block me from using my own name to identify myself as a musician but I've exposed that in legal documents the ZFT has made this statement:

“The Trust does not agree to your client’s use of DWEEZIL ZAPPA as a trademark in connection with any and all services.”


The ZFT recently attemtped some legal sleight of hand by ammending the Applicant’s (ZFT) Second Supplemental Response to Opposer’s (DZ) First Set of Interrogatories dated September 25, 2017.


In it, they altered their position just slightly for appearances and have attempted to then disingenuously pass it off as having been their position the whole time. It also appeared to be an effort to sway public opinion in their favor by attaching the newly minted document to their social media posts along with the title of a Frank Zappa song called, "When The Lie Is So Big."


It is a catchy title but beyond that, it does nothing to support any credibility for them. In fact, they've dug a bigger hole for themselves. My lawyer responded to theirs with this statement which included a settlement proposal.


I have reviewed Applicant’s Second Supplemental Response to Opposer’s First Set of Interrogatories dated September 25, 2017 (yesterday), which adds this new statement to your previous response: “The Zappa Family Trust has no issue with Dweezil Zappa using his full name to identify or describe himself as a musician.” We view your newly announced position as an opportunity for Dweezil to once again propose a path to resolution of the opposition action. Dweezil is willing to dismiss the opposition action if the ZFT is willing to enter into a coexistence agreement that provides that ZFT consents to Dweezil’s use and registration of the trademark DWEEZIL ZAPPA in connection with various goods and services, including in the music and entertainment field. Please let me know if your client would like to explore entering into a coexistence agreement and resolving this opposition.


A few days have passed and there has been no response from the ZFT. This is the second time I have offered a settlement and logic dictates that if the ZFT really had no issue with me using my name in the field of live music and entertainment that they would jump at the chance to enter into a coexistence agreement with me.


Instead, their actions speak louder than words, revealing more than a lack of credibility on their part. Their actions demonstrate their motives and what appears to be their true intention: they seek to block me from using my own name in the field of live music and entertainment.


Every day that goes by without them entering into a peaceful co-existence trademark agreement with me only further demonstrates their true intentions and erodes their trustworthiness.


Bizarrely, the ZFT appears to think that they can persuade anyone to believe them by saying whatever they like without being able to back it up with facts. Case in point, when Ahmet told Rolling Stone that my claims that the estate was attempting to stop me were '1 million percent false'”


I started this blog with an inspirational quote and I have another quote to end it. "By doubting we come to inquire, and by inquiring we perceive the truth." - Peter Abelard.


Well ZFT, if my claims are '1 million percent false'” (which they aren't) then put your money where your mouth is and sign the agreement to resolve this dispute.




  • syll.
    foto van Sylvia Haring. foto van Sylvia Haring.
    foto van Sylvia Haring.



    Hello you Dweezil Zappa ,great guy,for me it`s not boring,it`s very important and so sad it hurts.Respect and a warm thanks to you and your band which i just heard and saw in Utrecht!Wauwwww ,the place was filled with warmth,willingness towards each other ,musical class ,enjoyment and respect for you and your band,really we all left this super concert with a golden memory made.I even had the opportunity to hold your hand ,childish ? well i am so glad to have seen you and your band ,this family disaster is shameful and a to cry over.Also the whole name issue is terrifying ,crazy,my name is Sylvia Haring ,I make some art,but then there is Keith Haring....can i in future get trouble about my real own name ,and get crazy lawsuits if i decide to get into the world?!!ok ,sometimes tears run over my face when i think about your family and your father,really Ahmet come on man,human being....Wish you all well,Sylvia.

    LISTEN to Frank I am so happy I could cry.. .maybe because of Dweezil`s performance on and of stage,love,Sylvia.

  • Nathan S.

    Dweezil:   I would  be happy to lend  my  legal services  to further your  claims..free of  charge..


  • Thunder Pimp

    You are a true inspiration bringing both Frank's and your own music to new audiences. So many of us have brought our children your shows and seen the amazement in their eyes at the musical prowess of your band.  Keep up the fight and the music.  You deserve better.

  • Scott D.

    This is so incredibly stupid and hateful. It's tragic that at times those that have grown up with you end up being those that tear your heart out. 

    Keep on on the path Mr Zappa. You are blessed with the talent to bring your fathers art back to life and share to a new generation of fans. I took my son to one of your recent tours.  He has a degree in music and your show floored him! A new Zappa fan, thanks to your passion and dedication. 

    Be well. We have your back. 

  • Tommy R.

    Dweezil - What you've done with your father's music over the last 11 years is nothing short of magical and divine. I don't think most people really appreciate it for what it is- musical manna from heaven. Nobody can ever take that away. If you sit on a cliff with an acoustic looking out at the ocean playing one of your father's songs, it goes on and on. Yes, folks, Dweezil Zappa really can play whatever the &%^$ he wants! And on that note, I'm going to get out of bed and put on a ZPZ bootleg while I make breakfast. Peace, your fan always TR