• David D

    sounds to me like ahmet needs to get a life other than trying to screw up yours...sorry you're still having to deal with this mess...can't wait for new music/shirts to come out so the "others" can continue their support...and let's leave the creepy hologram idea for "total recall 2"...all the best...dd

  • Blake S.

    Ahmet's allusions to the participation of yourself, Steve Vai, Napoleon Murphy Brock, etc. in such an enterprise initially made me think that some headway had been made between you and the ZFT - after all, why would anyone be so presumptuous as to make such an audacious statement if there were no substance to it? Holograms leap to mind, and no artist in any medium seems a worse candidate for such treatment than FZ, whose Project-Object depended so utterly on audience participation and band interaction. As a guitarist, Frank is one to whom I relate very closely, his improvisations driven far less by 'clouds of educated gnat notes' (his words) than by visceral exploration of the instrument, in which the entire body is required to sculpt unsuspecting air molecules into a transcendant aural experience. Or put more succinctly, Frank moved a lot when he played the guitar. As someone else well observed below, FZ's visual cues and hand signals to the band are unseparable from his onstage persona, and the "idea" (I use the term as loosely as possible) of reducing it to holographic media is so short-sighted and divorced from the reality of a live FZ show as to be worthy of certain heads of state who will here remain nameless. May justice and love prevail as you fight the power. I'll be praying, bro. (BTW, I'm that guy who wrote the fake news story in 'The Beet' (Montana's Worst News Source) about 'Montana' officially replacing our state song.)

  • Eric M.

    I support you DZ! Someone is gonna have to have a talk with Steve Vai...


  • Steve K.

    I was listening to Ahmet taking about this last night on Sirius' Volume channel. He was talking with Eddy Trunk on this idea and I didn't find him to be at all convincing about why this "needed to happen". I personally love live shows and go to a lot of them ( never missed a Dweezil show in my town ). This hologram stuff doesn't interest me one bit and I will continue to enjoy Frank's music through Dweezil and his awesome band. I was floored by your last performance at the Belly Up in San Diego. Cian and Sheila sing so well together. I hope you come back soon.

    Clip from San Diego House of Blues a few years ago https://youtu.be/5WbKuizlWZs

    No Fake Frank!

  • StrangeloveMD

    I saw you earlier this year in Orlando. You guys completely blew me and my friend away, this was our second show so we knewthat your band would completely rock the house and you did.

    But more than that, it became a one of a kind experience when you called Michael Winslow onto stage and proceeded to jam with him.Now THAT was a Zappa moment!

    More than just the music it's the bits of improv and spontaneity like that which keeps the spirit of Frank Zappa alive, in my opinion at least. So even though Frank Zappa was never even alive at the same time as me, because of that moment i got to have the real Frank Zappa experience if only a little.

    I think about the hundreds of thousands of people who got to have those unique, almost life changing moments with the real Frank and i feel sick to my stomach that some hologram is going to bastardize their memories.

    Hologram Frank is never going to suddenly start playing a song in reggae or double time at the flick of a wrist, Hologram Frank will never have a fun back and forth with the members of the band, Hologram Frank will never talk with you after the show and sign your copy of Fillmore East-June 1971 (thanks for that by the way Dweezil), the list goes on and on.

    I will never pay to go see a hologram when there are plenty of flesh and blood musicians playing Frank's music and keeping the experience alive.

  • Marc Leandre D.

    Hey Dweeezzz !

    We never meet (yet)..but we made contact (2 times actually) on last tour "Roxy" here in Montreal..after the show you greeted us at the edge of the stage..I had stating that Montreal always had FZ graved in the heart and that we're with you....knowing that the "aim is true"..as Frank....I remember that vivid moment we shared !!!...Also had spoke a few times with Gail and she also stated how Frank loved Montreal in his heartfelt way (and that Moon was conceived here during touring).......my personal beginning with Frank was in early '70 (when 99% was going for Genesis,Gentel Giant,Jethro Tull)..me and another got hook on Frank's first notes...and even today almost 50 y later am still learning....effortless meditation each and everytime !!!so imagine what its store for future generations......anyway..arf arf arf !!!..the most important is not WHO does what...its WHAT'S being done...Thanks for your huge heart Dweezil..........Music is the Best...Frank's that is !!  ONE !!

  • Gareth Rhys Jones

    I have never seen or investigated the detail of any holographic show. I never had the privilege to watch your Dad play. I was however lucky enough to watch you play a ZPZ show in Warwick, UK a few years ago. Those few moments where you played to Frank's vocal and guitar solo for songs like Cosmik Debris, I felt were very special. It felt like for a brief moment, I was taken back to what those performances might have been like, and I'm grateful to you for bringing me that experience.

    I can't say that the idea of a hologram currently sways me either way on the argument. What does sway is knowing that in all likelihood, Frank wouldn't have wanted it. I lost my own father a few years ago, and I feel the best way we can honour them is to stay true to their wishes and to be someone that they'd be proud of. You're doing a great job of that.


  • Peter F.

    Mr Brickford did already a good 3D hologram act on behalf of FZ. DZ cu @013 in Holland and enjoy your and FZ music!

  • Andrew L.

    Dweez, I'm with you 100% on the ridiculous and creepy Frank reanimation project.  Zappenstein?  

    I hope you can talk Vinny, Warren, Adrian and your dad's other former sidemen out of participating in this farce before they commit to contract.  


  • Susan B.

    DZ, my husband and I were fans of your dad from the beginning of his work. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing you carry on your dad's music, not just for our entertainment, but as a way for you to honor your father. It is a terrible shame that other family members cannot see past what appears to be their own selfishness and shortsightedness in this mess they have created. The only Zappa ways we want is to enjoy Frank is on already recorded media, and to hear you play his music. We have, and shall continue to support you. Every chance we get, no matter what the show is called (call it the *&^%$ Torture in Perpetuity Tour, or whatever), and we will be there. Keep on making beautiful Zappa music.


    Tom and Sue

  • David V.

    I wouldn't go to see a hologram concert of any performer. I agree that it's distasteful. Also, a hologram wouldn't be capable of artistic expression. It couldn't deliver any improvisational solos or develop a chemistry with its band mates to bring its performance to the next level. As I see it, by not being the artist, the hologram could never do justice to the artist. Further, I'd say that not doing justice to the artist can only be considered an insult to the artist. So, again, I would not attend a Frank Zappa hologram concert. I will, however, continue to see Dweezil Zappa every chance that I get.

    As far as Ahmet and Diva are concerned, it seems to me that they see Frank Zappa's legacy as nothing more than a meal ticket. I'm sorry if it was out of line for me to say that.

  • Daryl C.

    The only live performance of Frank Zappa's music I care to see is that of Dweezil Zappa and his awesome Rocking Teenage Combo. Leave the ZFT to their yoga pants.

  • Yawpower

    The most fitting tribute to FZ is for his son to reproduce his music for the world to see and hear.

  • justin2508

    Proving a little divisive with fans with some looking forward to it but most appear against..It's a shabby charade imho.Looking forward to 2 shows in uk soon by the real deal! 

  • greg b.

    I would love to hear your fathers music loud and live again. But i will wait for YOU to tour the USA again.

  • Lutz L.

    Hi Dweezil. Years ago I enjoyed you playing a solo together with a video from your father live on stage. I think I would also enjoy seeing some fine Zappa musicians playing with a hologram of Frank. Not because of the hologram, but because of the live performers. On the other hand I am against it because I have the feeling that ZFT is doing it all for all the wrong reasons. And - after seeing Dio on Youtube as a hologram - it looks crap. But to be honest, it's just a visual gimmick, like what you did with Frank on video years ago. So it's not easy to answer. I still cannot imagine many Zappa band members doing it with the ZFT. It should be only his music, not him. And who wants to see "Frank" without commenting on what is going on in the world?

    • Lutz L.

      Yep, you're right. Just wanted to say that it's not easy to decide. Would you have been performing with a hologram, I still would have probably liked it. Because it was you paying tribute (or spreading the word) and not milking Frank. Anyway, would a hologram Frank be more than a pre-recorded thingie?

    • Dweezil

      The one discernable difference between an onscreen performance such as the one I used on tour and a hologram or "digital puppet" is that the performer shown on the screen is actually Frank and the accompanying audio is from his actual perfromance. A hologram or "digital puppet" version of Frank Zappa wouldn't encompass either of those things.

  • David McCain


  • BearHeart

    Honestly, I doubt if it will ever happen and I'm not convinced that the ZFT kids have any intention to see it through. Press releases this far in advance are usually more about the publicity than the actual product. In this case, I wouldn't be surprised if it's intended to disrupt ticket sales for Dweezil's shows. 

  • Richard Drakes

    That's pretty much how I see it. Personally I would also find it very distasteful, regardless of the artist in question.