• Steven Fletcher.

    The collection 'You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore', along with the repeated use of the legend 'No Overdubs' on later releases, underlined F Z's commitment to live music. I have read interviews in which he spoke of music videos as being anti-music; the focus on the visual sense detracts from the aural experience. I suspect he'd think the whole project really stupid.

  • Kevin H.

    Dweezil, if I may, I'd like to argue a few points.

    Frank made no references to hologramming him in future performances. As far as I know, he didn't talk about videos of him being used in guitar duets, as you did so successfully.

    It's not clear what the difference is, other than this being three dimensional. And, just because he didn't anticipate holograms, can we really say that he would specifically have opposed them? He was always trying new stuff. 

    Just to belabor the point, "My Dad does not state in the book that holograms could be any kind of substitute for live musicians." As I understand it, the hologram would be for use along with other acclaimed FZ alumni, not instead of them, as an enhancement not dissimilar to the video clips you played along with.

    "Let’s also remember, when my Dad was asked how he would like to be remembered he said, "I wouldn't."" OK, but that seems to undermine the entire premise of your many tours – to promote his music and memory. 

    I look at it this way. If it works, awesome – more Frank is more better. If it fails, it will go away we can all have a good laugh.

    I just don't understand the knee-jerk dismissals. They seem to be based on dislike for Ahmet, which has nothing to do with whether or not this new approach could be artistically successful.

    Thanks for listening. I may be wrong about all this and am certainly open to counter-arguments. And keep on rocking.

  • Phil C.

    I think everybody's going to be in on the gag.  A hologram is no different that Dweezil playing with his dad on the jumbo-tron.  Everybody's there to see the alumni (Ian Underwood, Steve Vai).  Travers has probably found "something" for the entertainment value.

    I don't think anybody's going to be confused thinking it's really FZ on stage.  The ZFT can put on a great theatrical, well rehearsed show or screw the entire thing up.  Screwing it up = trying to put on a concert stage show.  This will NOT be an FZ show.  It will be the broadway themed FZ show (my wish - have 4 or 5 Mammy Nuns dancing around the stage (with the magic of stagecraft of course)).

    What sucks is - if it falls flat you will have to keep doing what you're doing as if nothing happened - you win.  If it turns out to work - you win as well.  Not by direct $ but by the free FZ publicity.

  • Surf Digby

    The press release says that Frank will be playing the part of the Central Scrutinizer. To the best of my knowledge, there is no footage of Frank performing as the Central Scrutinzer which means that it'll be other footage or a CGI interpretation manipulated to make his mouth move in time to the words. In this context "hologram" is another word for puppet. It's a synthetic version of Frank brought to life to do the bidding of his master. Clearly having control over Frank Zappa the brand wasn't enough, and Ahmet also wants to show that he has control over Frank Zappa the man.

    With Frank in the role of the Central Scrutinizer, it means that he won't be playing the role of Joe, and so it won't be Frank playing that last, imaginary guitar solo. According to Gail herself on the (coincidentally no longer available) FAQ page on zappa.com "He did, does and will not want anyone to play Watermelon In Easter Hay, Zoot Allures or Black Napkins - other than Dweezil."

    By dishonouring the wishes of both his father and his mother, it's pretty clear that this isn't any form of tribute.

  • Stanley P.

    Only disagree with one point: while your Dad might have thought live was unique, he often reused solos from one performance dubbed into another. No complaints, they were always god choices.




    • Dweezil

      Hi Stan,

      Thanks for your comment. Zenochrony is the name process you are describing. My Dad used the studio as an instrument and this process was another extension of his creativity. By combining 2 audio unrelated live performances into one new singular performance he was able to compose something unique. He enjoyed that usin working that way (long before computers and "Mashups") and it did yield amazing results.

  • Beverly D.

     This is what Frank had to say about computers and artificial intelligence.


  • Beverly D.

    "It isn't necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice. There are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia."

    Frank Zappa

  • Nigelsp

    I saw Frank live on the Apostrophe and Overnite Sensation tours. Brilliant. I have also seen Dweezil 3 times and they were fantastic shows. I don't want to see a hologram of some green screen motion capture actor. I want to see and hear musical artistry. And like Frank Dweezil absolutely delivers that. Please keep it coming Dweezil. You deliver Frank's musical legacy like no-one else can.


  • Gene C.


    Saw your Dad over 30 times and every show was different. I lived on LI Ny and at Halloween he would play. I remember he played in Jersey on a Fri, Manhattan on Sat and LI on Sun and I would be at all 3. 

    I would not pay to see a hologram of Frank. I saw you at the Beacon in NY a couple years ago. Reason I saw you at the Beacon was because I live in Georgia now and everywhere you played around her was standing room only and this 60 yr old ass can't stand for over 3 hours!!!! So I drove 800 miles!

  • Steven N.

    Dweezil I'm with you all the way, saw your father a couple of times and LOVED IT! Seeing a image of you father on stage, NO, On another note are you ever going to release the ROXY AND ELESWHERE TOUR you did on dvd? You mentioned releasing a CD of it ?

  • AJ B.

    Stay the course. We're with ya' Dweezil.  

    Most people I've talked with have zero interest in the hologram but all show major interest in seeing/hearing former alumni playing live FZ music again. 


    Music is is the best. Especially your current band!!! Thanks for doing what you do Dweezil. 

    Hampton Beach was great and I was glad it bring my 15 year old son. 9 times out if 10 he is listening to Franks music when I "harass" him in his teenage room or when he's working on motors in our barn. 


    Keep on keeping on. Thanks again!!!


  • Bob G.

    Hello Dweezil

       I have been listening to Frank and you for a very very long time.  Seen both You and your DAD plenty of times. and I agree with you totally.  I like real musicians, Im not into any of this  "Digital Puppet"  stuff at all.  Especially that its being used for big profits. Making money off of  DEAD PEOPLE like this  is not cool at all.    I have the "The Real Frank Zappa Book", which I purchased when it first came out.   I re-read Chapter 18 and understand what you are saying and what he was trying to get across.  I dont understand why people like Steve Vai would want to do this. I lost some respect for him because of this.     This is not going to be real music to me so I will not be wasting my funds on this hologram crap..   


  • Artaud B. V.

    Hey Dweezil, your brother is also acting as a condescending prick which is a clear sign to me that he knows he is in the wrong and is too insecure to change his mind (always a sign of strength in human beings). I'd love for you to react on what he said on Sirius XM regarding your choices in musical directions (as if all you could do was playing the music of your father, so ridiculous). Confessions was great, Automatic was great, Via Zammata is awesome, etc...

    Anyway, he sure acts like you're a desperate minor league guitar player (and of course in the meantime praising you with phony acclaims as his favorite guitar player). 

    He needs to make a real attempt at creating bridges (and tell his lawyers to do so too) instead of making phony claims in public and back stabbing you through court.

    ...and Moon needs to shave all of Diva's favorite dolls' hair to teach her a lesson too:)

  • Zeps

    Hello Dweezil

    Just want to say that I'm with you at all points. I've been reading all about the ZFT and It really it's stupid and sad. Almost tragic to see people who played with Frank going on board on this digital puppet thing. Like Steve Vai.....does he really needs the money?  I would never pay a dime to see any kind of hologram b******t like that.

    Keep playing Frank's music like you do. I wish I could saw the ZPZ shows in my country......

    Greetings from a musician from Portugal


    As for me, this whole story is a complete nonsense: I would like to attend to a FZ concert, but it´s impossible, and what makes it even more impossible is the fact that Frank always played different solos in their songs. The uniqueness of this all makes it absurd, I don´t wanna hear some pre-recorded solo from who-knows-where concert. It would be a dream to see him back, but alive, not as a hologram. Anyway, actual holograms which have been already done (Dio, for example), were only supposed to play one song, I don´t know how it will work in a whole show. Dweezil, come to Spain, we wait for you!

  • Massimo Z.

    Dear Dweezil I write from Italy and I fully agree with you and when I can always see your shows.
    Unfortunately, this tour does not include Italian dates.

    Anyway, I've already received the ticket for the concert you will make in Paris.
    See you at Trianon on October 14th.
    Many dearest regards
    ps. I'm sorry my translation into English was translated by google


  • Joseph R.

    I just read that Adrian Belew will NOT be part of the this dumb hologram idea. Great! Hopefully, now the other former members of Frank's band will realize what a waste of time this is. As for us, Frank's fans, we can all do our part by NOT going to this lame piece of "entertainment", and being very vocal about our disdain for this idea. 

  • Frank L.

    I think if Ahmet ever presented this lame "concept" to his father, Frank would have said; "Ahmet, have you ever heard the story of the Carpenter?"...and the door he built. Lol 

  • Cole A.

    I'm glad to see you on the right side of this.I had no doubt. But ghosts of what once were are just creepy. What's next a supergroup?