• Bravenewmalden

    I was all for going to see the hologrammed Frank show, if it ever toured in Britain, on the basis that it might have been real far out and groovy. But after reading your article I'll happily give it a miss.

  • Liz A.

    I would just like to say that in dealing with all of this I am amazed on how your head is still high and he can voice humour while dealing with this bs. It's courageous and totally awesome! No Fake Frank!

  • Mickie B.

    We got ya, Dweezil.  3 generations in this family...we are a Zappa family!  OMG, your tours are some of the most fun my daughter & ever had in our life!  You really know how to put a band together, they're a blast & we had fun meeting everyone...Kent Stage, Ohio...I hope you'll do the guitar camp again next time.  Look here, Beautiful Boy, this is all absurdity & silliness but it's hurtful too.  I know that because it hurts me, too.  We are sharing the load of some of that pain with you, okay?  From the responses I've seen on FB, NOBODY wants this fake Frank, it's ghoulish & the people do have their head together about this.  It's not going to fly.  You're in our hearts, minds & spirit and part of our life--you connect with this and baby you are not connecting with empty space out here--we're (your fans) real, we love you, we are your friends, we respect you as we do your father.  This is no casual relationship, it's an intimate one and we will be there for you.  Love, love, love.  Rock that s**t, and don't you stop!  P.S.  THANK YOU for just being you--that's all we want from you and for you and you do that with flying colors.  You are the real thing in every way.  Chin up--we won't lose.  You are loved.  



  • Danny Sigelman

    How high are your brother and sister?! Do they literally have nothing else to do? This is all terrible and unfortunate.

    What a shame and stupid idea for a Fake Frank tour. I'd hate to see hologram David Bowie come along and poach Adrian from hologram Frank's band! 

    Seen you probably 10 times now and look forward to many more. Keep up the great work Dweezil!

    ❤️  from MPLS.

  • Stephen S.

    Lawyers- might there be any justification on the part of fans for a class action lawsuit against ZFT? 



  • jeff k.

    Hey Dweezil.  I was fortunate enough to see your dad in concert three times, over the years.  His live performances, with the Mothers, was always an incredible experience!  I had the opportunity to catch your show, when you were touring Zappa Plays Zappa a few years back (Oh crap...I said "Zappa Plays Zappa"...now I probably owe freakin' Ahmet a dollar.)  You're a fantastically talented musician, in your own right.  But, watching you play Frank's music, live, was nothing short of magical.  After the show (an exhausting experience, for you, to be sure) you were gracious enough to meet fans, sign autographs, and chat with everyone.  We shook hands, and I'll say again what I said to you that night: "Thank you, so much, for keeping Frank's music alive."  I hope you come through our area again, in the future (the central part of New York State.)

  • Hans v.

    Your father's music has been with me since the early 1980s, when I first heard One Size Fits All - and I immediately knew that I would listen to every note produced by the artist ... I'm now at a stage where the phrase "put your shoes and socks on, people", is regularly used by my 9 and 12 year old daughters ... I have never had the pleasure of experiencing your group in concert (mainly because we've been living in Nepal, Ghana and the Philippines for the past 20 years), but I do own the ZPZ DVD/CD box, which I cherish. I might actually fly over to Sydney, next February, and catch you there ... Not too far from Manila! I really salute you for the way in which you keep Frank's music alive and I'm totally disappointed with what the ZFT are throwing at you ... Anyway, rest assured that the big majority of admirers will be with you on this ... Take care, Dweezil ... (can't wait to wear that No Fake Frank t-shirt ..)    

  • Nick Audino

    I'm a lifelong follower of your father's music, he would play on my birthday every year at the Palace Theater in CT , Hofstra University in NY, or the Felt Forum in NYC on that date most years answer yes I was there. I drove an entertainment coach that he had owned, I believe it was " Phydeaux" which was a memorable honor. I now live in Nashville and have see most shows including the Jimi Hendrix Experience and your chat at the City Winery. I was deeply moved when you spoke of your father and felt the sorrow in your voice, I lost my dad 40 years ago when I was 19. Your dad was a great man, a visionary and a major influence on our industry.  I pledge my support to your cause. I think it's absurd that this has become what it has. I don't understand why you and Moon have been cheated your birthright.  I believe your father would be appalled.  Me, my family and my company have your back. My company, Superiorcoach.com will help however we can. We have your back and that goes for Moon as well....let us know how we can help.


    Sincerely ,

    Nick Audino

    CEO, Superior Coach Interiors Inc. 

    312 Babb Drive. 

    Lebanon TN 37087


  • Ezra

      Beautiful.  What a drag you even have to write this out man... I saw you play One Size Fits All with my best mate in Tucson and after the show we walked up to you guys and you all greeted us really nicely and even gave me a signed setlist!! That night was as close as being to a Frank show as I could ever get Dweezil, and you were the one who made it possible. Thank you much for touring  with ZPZ and keeping Zappa's legacy alive the RIGHT way, with musicians who care about the music. I will never shell out money to see a fake Frank, but i'd pay anything to see you brother :)

  • Acoustic Ross G.

    Thanks for posting this update. This whole situation is like a rejected Twilight Zone reboot and it just makes me sick. I've been a fan since a 17-year-old me picked up a new release called "Havin' a Bad Day" - every bit as long as I've been a fan of your Dad - and your tireless work to keep his REAL legacy going is an inspiration.

    #TeamDweezil until the day I die. And even after that, when I don't come back as a wonky-ass hologram. 

  • Chris S.

    Dweezil, I was excited to hear about the hologram tour w former band mates, thinking that zft had finally come to their senses, and decided to work with you. I feel you exemplify your fathers work beautifully and faithfully.  I'm saddened to hear that is not the case.  I have supported you from the beginning, and every tour since.  I will continue to do that no matter what you have to call yourself.  Please know that my young son and I saw Chicago's ycfosa show and it changed his life.  He was overjoyed at the attention you all gave him and we are continually blown away by your musicianship.  Please hang in there and know we love your work.  

  • Mike L

    I never had the opportunity to see Frank live as I was only a non-descript floater in my dad's nutsack around the time of Frank's death, though seeing you perform back in 2012 in Edinburgh was absolutely game-changing for me and my best friend. We had never witnessed such outstanding musicianship anytime previously or anytime after. Without any shadow of a doubt, you are the one keeping Franks legacy alive with a genuine love for the craft that has been passed down to you.

    As already mentioned by others, the fans are 100% percent behind you on this Dweezil!

  • jeff s.

    This video at 15:00 should clear up any confusion about Frank's wishes on the hologram stuff. Love ya Dweezil Zappa.


  • DLR

    Reading this actually brought a tear to my eye ... how can the bloody FZT claim ownership of either of your first or surnames?   I hope that the legal system will uphold your rights as the rightful owner and award damages to you accordingly as well.  This is an absolute travesty.  Do they not realise that, without your keeping your father’s music alive by being played LIVE (and without hologram stick support) that there is a positive flow-on to CD and other merchants sales?

    Keep up the good fight Dweezil.  Look forward to seeing you down under soon. 

  • Yves M.

    I am not very fluent in English but... Let me try: This whole society thing with Trademarks Patents and Attorneys, that makes it possible for wealthy people to make even more money protecting this and that, is... making me sick. This attitude to search for gains without efforts is what we see with the trading business and Mosento's s**t. Dweezil, let me tell you... I once had the chance (10 years ago in Québec City) to shake your hand after a show, when you generously cameback on stage for autographs. Really appreciate your talent, devotion, generosity and sincerity. You are a super dude. Your Dad must be really proud of you. I'll sure see if I could chip in some to suport your efforts. Keep positive. Don't let this whole mess destroy who you are. Please!

  • James B.

    Dweezil, I'm sure you know this already, but the true fans are behind you in overwhelming numbers and won't support this farce for a second. I watched about 30 seconds of that awful Ronnie James Dio hologram video and couldn't stop shaking my head at how ridiculous the whole thing was. What's hard for me to fathom is that someone like Vinnie C. (who has a great job with Herbie Hancock already) or Steve Vai would even consider supporting this. I say we all rally and contact those guys to ensure they see how insensitive and wrong-headed this whole idea is. 

    In the meantime, hope to see you back in the Reno-Tahoe area again soon. Caught you at the Hendrix tribute earlier this year with my son and we were just blown away. Thanks for what you do, 


    • Dweezil

      Thanks James, I look forward to seeing you at another show. I noticed that Adrian Belew has already announced online that he reversed his decision to participate.

  • Cedric Harris

    Thanks for keeping everyone updated. This whole situation has been upsetting for many fans, I can't imagine how bewildered you must be. I actually boycotted YOUR shows for years because I had the impression that you stood for all the shenanigans being employed by the ZFT. I humbly admit I was wrong, and I caught one of your shows two years ago. It was fantastic, of course. Keep up the good work. Damn near every fan of your father's music is on your side.

  • Eric C.

    Hey Dweezil, if their withholding evidence they shouldn't have a leg to stand on, I say fight 'em it'll cost money but counter sue for lawyer fees

    i believe that you in the right and their looking for you to carry them. It's pretty pathetic but how can you be sued over your own name! Good luck to you and I will support you and not the ZFT best wishes.........Eric