• Tom T.

    My dog's name is Dweezil. I thought about charging him a dollar a year to allow me to call him that, but he just looks at me like I'm nuts. Kinda like your brother is nuts putting you through this.

    You're the best, man!

  • Robert  R.

    So do you mean to tell me the Family has gone “Strictly Commercial”. WOW  

  • JSS

    DZ - did you copyright "Fake Frank" - better hurry before they do.

    I also have to deal with a family trust situation - it totally sucks - but nothing like what you are going through.  Hang in there.

  • jaypfunk

     Well.... the Trunk Nation show with Ahmet and Jeff is over and I could not get thru the entire time. Eddie only took 3 very short calls at the end of the show anyway. The blow hard strikes again because he doesn't shut the f**k up and really wastes a lot of time for callers. Anyway... Ahmet and Jeff only had about 40mins in the hour including the commercials. Lame!!

    Ahmet was actually saying how much he respects Dweezil that he's a great musician blah, blah, blah and he never tried to stop Dweezil from playing. WTF!

    He also said that he was the one that originally came up with and conceived the idea for Zappa Plays Zappa. Has anyone ever heard this? I smell b******t here.

    I really wish I woulda got thru to call him out on his b******t.


    Team Dweezil!! Keep going man, I will always support what you do.

  • Artaud B. V.

    As a divorced father currently fighting numerous similar in nature absurdities from his ex-spouse, I can relate to your pain Dweezil!:) or :( ...not sure:))

    FZ fans all over the world should boycott the hologram fraud and demand not only you get clearance on your name, use of it, use of your father's music but also demand the legal terms of the ZFT become equal between the 4 of you. 

    Why on earth are Steve Vai, Vinnie Colaiuta, and any FZ band members not boycotting this enterprise of holographic absurdity?!?! Can the fans set up something in motion talking ex FZ band members not to participate in something so damn wrong in essence?! 

    Ahmet will feel like a pariah in the music industry if he keeps on going with this much longer. 

    Keep up fighting the good fight Dweezil. It was great talking to you in Napa a few months ago. I'll be supporting in any shape or form I can. Don't give up! You'll set a great precedent for other artist in the future and become the Roe vs. Wade of the music industry.


  • John P.

    Dweezil I hope this family battle is over soon and you can proceed to play your music for all! I saw you last October in Kentucky at the Madison Theater. It was one of the best concerts I have seen in a very long time. You even stay after to meet your fans and that is well appreciated! Keep up the good work and play whatever the f*ck you want! LOL I will come to see you no matter what name you play under! But using your own real name would be preferred. Rock on Dweezil!!

  • Scott H.

    I'm so sorry for you Dweezil and for Frank's memory. The entire thing is so sad and tragic and gets in the way of creating art. Your father would be heart-broken, but he would be proud of you for standing up for what is right. 

  • Chris J

    I really don't understand why, other than money, this whole nightmare is going on. Frank would be b***h slapping all of you for not sitting at table and settling this mess, that would be after he took the ZFT and put it in the hands of a neutral party. The whole hologram thing stuns me. To think a child would want to see an image of their deceased parent being animated makes me wonder if Ahmet and Diva are mentally stable, or anyone else that would "enjoy" seeing that. 

    How can they say they own the name "Dweezil"? Seems to me that Frank would've had to use it in a song or write it down somewhere and it be copyrighted for that to happen. And how arrogant of the siblings to think they could do that. So in all actuality, if Dweezil signs his name to any document, being a hand written letter or check or what have you, then the ZFT would have to approve every time. 

    I hope that when all this hits the legal system, you get a judge with some common sense and tells Ahmet and Diva to quit being brats and let Dweezil use his name and carry on the legacy by playing his father's music. 

    Dweezil, good luck on settling this BS with your family in a civilized manner. 

  • Molly Y.

    These updates are so hard as I wish this to be over for you. 

     I can only imagine the hours of your life allotted to this battle. It hurts my heart.

     The joy I receive every time I see you perform (in whatever formation and  under whatever name) is immeasurable.

    I'll always be in your corner. 

    Please take care of yourself.


  • Dave Matthews

    Hi Dweezil,

    I'm one of many that met you at the first Dweezilla Boot Camp sessions in June 2010. That was a WONDERFUL 5 days!

    I came to expect some musical, social, and educational experience there. After meeting you and speaking to you I came away with much more than that along with the knowledge that you are a very open, and real/natural human being. IMHO you don't have a mean bone in your body.

    To read the things you have HAD to write truly saddens me. There is something maddening in the world when jealousy and greed take precedence over family, reality, and fairness. I do not know, nor have I ever met the other people involved with the ZFT, and after reading these things I guess I don't need or want to, except perhaps to give them a piece of my mind peppered with a few choice expletives.

    Stay strong my good man. "Learn and Destroy!"

    Support from Canada,

    Dave M

  • Seth B.

    Ahmet, Diva and the ZFT have so mangled your dad's music that I had to return the last three CDs i bought (Aphostrophe', Sleep Dirt and We're Only in it for the Money). Now that I know about this, I refuse to buy any merchandise sold by the ZFT. I loved your dad's music and I saw him in concert at least six times over the years. He never gave a bad performance! Good luck, Dweezil Zappa!

  • jaypfunk

    Hello all... just a friendly reminder... Ahmet and Jeff from Eyellusion will be on today's Eddie Trunk Trunk Nation radio show in the second hour at 3pm EST on SiriusXM's Volume channel. I will be calling in to speak my mind and I also encourage others to do the same. The number is 844-686-5863.

  • Tony G.

    I will not go see a hologram of your dad playing and listen to recordings. I seen your dad 17 times in concert in Chicago and I easily can sit home, play his albums and envision my memories of your dad on stage playing.


  • jeffrey preece

     I'm absolutely gob smacked by what they are trying to do, what is the matter with them? But on the plus side I'm looking forward to seeing you perform next monthin London. Hope it all works out in your favour.  Best wishes..... Jeff. 

  • Brent  D.

    I saw your show Zappa plays Zappa at Ponte Vedra Fl.  Your Band is second to none. I know when there is money involved people change to greedy little demons. This jealousy from you brother and sister is absurd. If they had any talent they would be out there doing what you are doing. Even if they win and you are not allowed to use your name. Your fans and your fathers fans will still follow you to your new band name. Please don't change your band members. They are some of the most talented musicians I have ever heard. I know one way or another You and your fathers music will live on. Your true fans would never go see a hologram show. What would be the point? Keep playing the music that makes you happy and your fans happy. 

  • David G.

    ahmet and diva, buffoonishly pursuing a path to kill off their own father's music... i bet frank would be so proud of them. 

  • Stephan B.

    Hi i seen you many times,i met you many times,  i met your father in Wienna,i met your aunt sweet Patrice Zappa don't worry  we are here  for you and you just keep going and play your genious father music under your name.

  • Robin G.


    All this is just ludicrous! 

    How do you put up with all this s**t?

    Only if Frank knew what your younger siblings were doing he would go f*****g nuts.

    Have they no loyalty? 

    Anyway see you again in Aust in Feb.

    Music is the best !



  • Stan P.

    I've already written a few comments here, on twitter, or in the comments section for "another FZ related campaign" I participated in before this all came up...
    Now I just read this whole update, and I'm kind of falling short of words.

    I think I'd better "shut up and play another round of pledge", probably the best thing to do anyway.

    Keep up the good work, keep faith, keep fingers crossed (won't hurt, you're waaay too good a guitarist, anyway ;°) )
    Can't wait to see you again in Paris next month.

    Kind regards,

  • Forest Z.

    Hi Dweezil,

    firstly let let me say how glad I am that you will be playing down under (Australia) and my home town Melbourne on my birthday no less!  Yippee!!

    As a lawyer, I thought I’d comment on this statement from the ZFT: “The ZFT has no issue and has never had an issue with Dweezil using ZAPPA as Dweezil’s last name, and would not ‘force him to be known only as Dweezil.’”

    It’s curiously worded and imho doesn’t mean that they have no objection to you using your name in a performance context.  At its very basic, it simply means that they have no objection to you being known as Dweezil Zappa (as in, on your driver licence, social security, etc etc). What they don’t say is that you may perform under that name too.  It’s a lawyer’s sleight of hand that Penn & Teller would be proud of!

    It’s little wonder you are confused by their apparent contradictions.  That’s their strategy - to vex and flummox at every turn.  Or to quote your dad “the torture never stops”

    Please keep up the good fight for as long as you are able.  When you run out of steam, you can use my name “Forest”!  (With apologies to Forest Gump and Tom Hanks).


    ps.  If you ever need inspiration, I recommend watching a classic Aussie movie called “The Castle”.  It is about an everyday family battling the might of the Government trying to take their home.  

    See you in February 2018.  I’ll be sitting in the very centre of the front row!

    pps.  I’ve contributed to the fighting fund.