• Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner

    Dweezil, we are waiting for you in Argentina, all my love.

  • Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner

    Dweezil, Dear Friend, I have Live in The Moment 2, it is an excellent recording, I listen to it all the time, I send you a big hug, Jesus is with you and your family, Love and Peace.

  • DaveOC


  • Allen Z

    Hey DZ and everyone!!!!! I just want to say thanks to the dude!!! He made an amazing album of his concert experiences!!!! I'm super grateful he gave me one of a very limited collection!!! One was given to Dweezil and one to Jonny MAC!!!! You don't know how much I appreciate your gift "DUDE!!!!! We love you here in Houston Dweezil and can't wait to hit the golf course!!!


    much love to all,



  • Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner

    Dweezil, thanks brother for all the love, Peace.

  • jaws

    Good news,looking forward to it.  And see you in Oslo next month :)

  • Chris Mawhinney

    happy birthday. will talk later. smokey air making life rough in BC

  • Daryl C.

    Can't wait to get my copy of Live In The Moment II, and even cooler is that my name will be on it! Just hate that I missed out on Live In The Moment I. 

  • Gary

    From my interpretation of the music, the so called extemporaneous live guitar solos seems as if it were an oxymoron from another dimension.

    If a guitar player can speak without any form of special preparation. Hmmm, Extemporaneous Guitar Solos seems fitting of a cliff notes of Shakespear. I'll try my best to condense that into a very short analogy. If one were to provide contrast, The Tom Scholz approach to effects, songwriting, soloing and an attempt to carbon copy that on tour, possibly that analogy sets up contrast. In comparison with what you do, what Frank did, the only common denominator is decades of chiseling in the tool shed, where the confidence in the tool sets and abilities to create, the major differences are as you say, live in the moment Extemporaneous guitar solos. In Scholtz once it's created we can get the same basic template song after song, album after album, solo after solo and tour after tour. What we get with DZ Live In The Moment and FZ Shut Up N' Play Yer Guitar Air Sculptures is something that is far more adventurous, they  bring forth a harmonic radiant splendor that spans a wider plane of space, time and the so-called-other dimension. Some call it an early Christmas but in the sense of Bad Ass Pony, with kids returning to college, I heard that as the Zomby Woof, in a new space, time and dimension, raiding yet another dormatoreum. 

    May your adventure into Live In The Moment dimensions remain infinite.

    Peace and Healing to David D and all those living with the devastation in Texas

  • David D

    can't wait...but down in houston right now more things to worry about...dd

  • David McCain

    Yay!!! Looking forward to my copy soon! Safe travels, kind sir.