Summer Tour and other accoutrements

Hi Everyone,

It's about to get busy on the East Coast. In a few days my Dweezilla Music Boot Camp begins in Big Indian New York. Immediately after that we are hitting the road, performing 12 concerts from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast.

We are continuing our celebration of "50 Years of Frank," featuring songs from "Freak Out!" and early Mothers Of Invention as well as a cavalcade of stand out compositions. We've added some new songs to the setlist too! ROLLO!!!

We look forward to seeing all of you out on the road. Come "Freak Out" with us! Thanks for your support.

FYI we also have a great variety of new t-shirts with us on tour - Plus --- Coming Soon ---  there will be a huge new selection on my website with a totally updated webstore!


  • floss

    I SO wanted the In Frank we Trust and Cease and Desist T-shirts but they were nowhere to be seen in London.  Buying t-shirts from USA incurs all sorts of taxes, duties and Royal Mail handling charges so they end up prohibitively expensive.  Next time can you bring the whole range Dweeze?  Also, can you make 'next time' a shorter wait - some of us are getting on a bit and would like to see you play many more times.  BTW, thanks for the Live in the Moment II.  xx

    Happy Christmas and New Year 2018 to you and your elder sibling, and your family by marriage - yah boo hiss to the others. 

  • DaveOC

    Woo hoo, new shirts! 

    Maybe a Los Angeles show when you get back from Europe?


    Happy touring, DZ!

  • Randy  W.

    Blew the roof off the FM Kirby Center In Wilkes Barre 8-3-17. 2 HOURS and 45 MINUTES OF MUSIC, Dweezil and company take the time to shake hands, sign memorabilia, take pics and share a quick memory.  Merchandise is always cool and very reasonable.  I paid $50 a shirt at The Classic East Concert.  Dweezil T Shirts are $30, stickers $5, and various other items. Point is the merchandise is always reasonable. Also the shirts themselves are high quality.  Also seen Q & A in Ardmore, July 20th, 2nd Row, Dweezil took hours worth of questions from fans. His wife assisted in asking questions and shared memories.  Actually answered my question about Capt Beefheart. I've Watched Dweezil all over the east coast. Found it was a cool way to take in cities that I normally wouldn't go to.  Plus get to see some very cool historical music halls. I've been to 5 Dweezil shows in the past 12 months, get out and support the music of Frank. I also hope I'm getting closer to owning a set list, I've earned it.  2016 Halloween show Birchmere, JUMBO mauled me, 5 shows and no set list..  Thanks for the memories...  "Keep your nose to the grindstone", you are the best Dweez 


    By the way, get my damn Dweezil and The Others of Intention T Shirt in the mail. I'm paid up 

  • Paul Diana

    What's with seeing FZ at 14 .I first saw Frank at the Palace theater in Albany N.Y. OCT 8 1978 .Also at age 14 for the first of many times,Still not as many as I should have..His 88 Tour began at that very theater .I had to work andInstead of calling in that night I thought I'll see the next tour..S**t..It still bothers me 30 year's later.....Ah wish in one hand and s**t in the other , and see which fills up first...That's why I see Dweezils band anytime he's in this area.Still Running on a OCT 25th 2016 show at the Egg.All you able to see Dweezil and this band I would .Don't miss your chance ,.Dweezil will there be a 2018 Tour of the US .Well I'll wish in both hands ...

  • Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner

    Dweezil friend, Jesus is with you, and with your family, always.