Jeff Makos

Good luck with the auditions. I sent a whole bunch of clips to your email address as attachments. Enjoy!


Good will towards all with the auditions. 

Michael Zuccaro

Hi DZ-


Did you get my email about auditioning?  We met when you were 12 when I brought Kirbys to meet your dad and again when ZPZ appeared in Ft. Lauderdale.


I live here in Playa del Rey next to LAX and have Passport and 50 years of listening and knowing your dad's tunes!


PleaZe let me audition in person ASAP.




MZ aka Magic Mic


PS. I passed S1 1st audition for X FACTOR by singing Prince's Little Red Corvette!



Taylor M.

Hm, oh why not? I've sung with Nappy, Don Preston, and Ike so I guess I have some experience. 

Massimo B.

....You know what I can sing!

Joe D.

I'm on it. I'll probably start off with Inca roads and then switch to 50/50 that should show enough Dynamics. I got my work cut out for me. I hope the Woodshed has air conditioning.

ismael diaz

It is a shame I don't qualify for obvious reasons, but I hope sometime I have a chance to show you what I can do a singer. I might not be able to tour, but maybe a one time thing.

Have a great tour.


What about bringing Ike back?