Alina S.

Allan Holdsworth is a great man and amazing player! He is the main element in the music industry. I also was interested in the creation of researches, and try to research his life. Visit the site for more info and you will understand how is great to make researches! Researching papers are easy to write by choosing the right direction!

Jim A.

Thank you for this. What an amazing player Allan is. Was.

Joe M.

 I really appreciate this posting, I have to laugh at "Sorry you had to hear that". What a grand adventure Allan Holdsworth's music was to follow when he burst on to the mid-seventies fusion scene! He wrote in a unique style of his own and worked with a host of monstrously hot players (like DZ! - had a great time at the Catalyst, Santa Cruz show BTW). For people that are unfamiliar with Allan Holdsworth's recorded output, looking up the discography on Wikipedia might be a bit much, so here's a short list of "must haves" -  Soft Machine - "Bundles" the guitar solo on "Hazard Profile" takes off like a rocket! Gong - "Gazeuse!" it's American title is "Expresso", Tony Williams Lifetime - "Believe it" and Bill Bruford's first two solo albums - "Feels Good to Me" and "One of a Kind". These albums are ridiculously hot on every level and the guitar playing is harmonically and melodically off the hook! I don't want to piss him off in the afterlife by getting emotional about his passing, so I'll sign off before I go there...Can somebody please roll "Watermelon In Easter Hay"?

Jim I.

What a great tribute.  Also a tribute to you being in charge enough of your music to add his influence to your upcoming album.  I can't wait, but won't mind the delay. See you at the Soundcheck at the Fonda.

Steve J.

Another great one passes yet leaves so much behind... from Soft Machine to Tony Williams Life Time and beyond. He left and indelible impression on my musical taste and enjoyment.

He never stopped...kept moving... forward. And hopefully still is.

Also, I am continually amazed at all who obited the 'FZ Universe'. Keep it rotating DZ!

Manning B.

Hi DZ... I'm friends with Louise, his daughter. She read your post and said it reduced her to tears. So thank you for that.

David D

this is a shocker...had he been ill?...i flew to n.y. to see his band one night then king crimson the next night in 2015...i got to speak with him and get a photo...very down to earth guy

Denis  l.

Thanks soooo much for sharing Dweezil.. I enourmously appreciate you.. 



So sorry to hear of Allan's passing. I was fortunate enough to see him play twice. Once at a Carvin in-store clinic. And once on stage, in Anaheim with you, Dweezil. I also met him at both of these events. He was a very friendly and humble man. I will miss his playing a lot.


RIP Allan.