Hello Everyone,

So much has been going on lately it's been a real challenge to find the time to write about it. The one thing that has come to the forefront today is the curriculum for my DWEEZILLA MUSIC BOOTCAMP! July 24-28th at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian New York.

I spent a lot of time working on the daily schedule and mapping out the events. This year's camp is 100% focused on creating as much time as possible for the attendees to have hands-on playing time with me and my band. We will be learning some of my favorite songs from my father and there will be a BIG CONCERT event on the 3rd and final day of camp that features all of the attendees.

Rather than sit through hours of lectures each day, we will be immersing our student guests in ensemble playing experiences. Whether you play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, horns, or use your voice as your instrument you're invited to join us for this exciting event!

My Dweezilla Music Boot Camp has a motto, LEARN & DESTROY! To me, that means shattering boundaries and preconceptions while trusting to commit to your musical individuality. My band and I would love to share our experience and help you expand your musical skills and propel you to new creative heights this summer! All ages and skill levels are welcome.

For an additional edge, involve yourself in the comprehensive Old School Blues seminar (with our soon to be announced special guest instructor) so you can show off your skills in the "Road House Jam”. After 3 days of exciting tutorials and rehearsals you’ll begin to understand what my dad, Frank Zappa meant when he said “You’ve got to put the eyebrows on it” Are you ready to LEARN AND DESTROY?

Space is limited so sign up today to reserve your spot on stage at DWEEZILLA!


Allen Z


John O'Neill


Oh Dweezil,

I received your Pledge Music email last week and was excited to see that you would be at the City Winery in Chicago. 

I immediately logged in to the website and, to my chagrin, found the tickets had been sold out. 

Do you know if, or when, you may playing the Chicago area any time soon?


Looking forward to it! I have enjoyed every Dweezilla from the start , it is a great opportunity for musicians to learn new concepts , ideas and so much more to become a better musician. I know it has for me. See you there!


Can't wait!  Been to every Dweezilla so far, and at each one learned useful and even amazing new musical ideas and techniques, helped me grow immensely as a musician!  See you there! Plus hanging and listening to you and the band play is way cool too.  ;)


Dweezilla has always been a great experience, and this year looks like it will be the best! I'm hoping to attend, along with a few band mates. 

Thanks, Dweezil! Your commitment to the music and generosity with your knowledge is always inspirational!