• David D


  • David D


  • Roman  B.

    I don't know if you read these but I was looking at a fan site 


    and saw that your Mom died. I haven't been online in years so it was a heartbreaker.

    So I looked to see what happened and found a kickstarter about a documentary, which I thought was cool. Then I saw your house was part of it and then started reading about the split. That was the real heartbreaker. So I came to your site and read your blogs. I also read some of the comments.

    I wasn't there, I don't know the whole story and I'm not taking any sides. My parents are gone and it's just me and my sister left. I sent her the link about you answering Ahmet's open letter and she asked what Moon felt. I told her about the B&B which I thought was sweet. 

    I'm not taking sides because you can't pick your family but once they're gone you can't get them back either. 

    I also looked into tickets for Baltimore in August as I'm in Delaware. Seventy bucks including the soundcheck sounds a helluva lot better than the hundreds Phil Lesh wants for Capitol Theater seats. So maybe I'll see you there. And take you out for eggs and scrapple after the show. 

    (For those of you who don't know what scrapple is it's everything the FDA won't allow in hot dogs because kids eat them. Delicious.)

    And lastly I read your gear page. I'm not a musician but I figured it would be over the top. It was. One thing, spellcheck buddy. I know it was a lot to write but c'mon. Years of deciphering others' texts and emails has made me abhorrent of typos. And I'm no English major either obviously. 

    So if I make it to Baltimore I'll be the tall guy wearing a red Phillies cap and what's left of the black Zappa sweatshirt I bought from some guy outside Muhlenberg College in  '88 waiting to get in. Maybe I can get you to sign it. Sorry no merch money there, it was just cold that night and as another guy in line said of me, "He just wants to know the R-value."

    Hope to see you there,  take care and things will work out. 

    Roman Baird 

  • David D


  • Mati K.

    Greetings from a 26-year old Siciliamericanmillenial Freak...

    See you on the twenty-fourth day of the seventh month of this year, Dweez. What is happening to the Zappa family is almost exactly like what's happening in my family over the last year or so (it's really been much longer and is a deeply-rooted, mirror-like story that has been coming to a head over the last few months). It's intolerble and I'm rapidly approaching a new chapter in my life. I saw the Dweezilla Music Boot Camp after a shocking intuitive dream, just days after the site was put up and decided to put forth every cent I can muster (gotta love being a musician/highly educated person without a degree...). Clearly the Other People need to have a gathering and revolt in the most artistically inclined way. The Plastic People to Other People influence ratio on American culture is getting a little too off-balance. I can't wait to finally meet you and everyone else involved. You and your fathers music may have saved my life and I mean that in the most genuine way I can put in to writing without seeming like a kiss-ass. 

    I'm totally prepared to engage in "Music from the other side of the fence.... IWISH I HAD A PAIR OF BONGO'S!" (I do have my Les Paul though...)

    -R. Matison Keeney IV

  • Paul Diana

    from Zappa.com ..Just received this...is there hope for the Zappa family trust and Dweezil And Moon finding common ground. Diva and Ahmet,I hope so ...

  • JoeG

    We're behind you 1000% 

  • floss

    Dweezil - what happened to all the rest of the site - in particular our photo albums/messages etc?  I wanted to contact to one of the members but this was the only place I knew how to.  Have all our posts and pictures been deleted?  Will they be back anytime?  Why did they disappear?  I liked having your comments on my pictures.

    Very much looking forward to seeing you in Europe later in the year.  Good luck with all your trials and tribulations.  We're all on your side.  


    • DaveOC

      I clicked on your name to reach your profile. Not much there. I clicked 'add friend' and it said to log in, even though I'm already logged in. Strange.


      I miss my picture page too, floss.

  • Gary

    Thank you for sharing this Era Of Alternative Facts Blog.

    In thinking of some of humanity's unthinkable atrocities, the fortunate side, if one can even dare think of a positive side of hell on earth, is when proper documentation is done so that all the world may see. 

    When it comes to economics, the prettiest of eyes can ignore the deep evil that lies behind them. How can an individual or group overlook their own actions. At some point things get revealed. At some point no one can ignore. The whole world is watching. May the night fall.


    May your zen keep you centered. 

  • Paul Diana

    By the way, FZ would have loved the Alternative Facts syndrome.Remember the days of "Facts are stupid things" Oh boy ,the faces change but the stupidity continues...

  • Paul Diana

    Here's some substantiated facts,Dweezil Zappa keeps the Zappa name ALIVE,creates new fans of Frank Zappa music.Has created a musical legacy of his own ,Via Zamatta is awesome .Cares deeply about his father's musical legacy and the performances of that music..What has the NEW ZFT done,Created an ugliness  under the guise of protecting the family name...from Who, their own BROTHER...Spare me please...