• DaveOC

    Muffin Man. 

    Everyone on stage seemed to be facing Vinnie. I would.

  • DaveOC

    Vinnie walked right by us on the floor before the show. He was with Thomas Nordegg.


    Keep It Greasey

  • DaveOC

    What an awesome show! Thanks Dweezil!

  • Peter H.

     Dweezil, I just saw your show this weekend at Harrah's at Tahoe.  Not only was I blown away, but two of my aging buddies -- who had little or no experience with your Dad's music -- were similarly impressed.  It was interesting how one guy liked the "Freak Out" stuff the most, while the other preferred the more recent stuff. Thanks for bringing that music to us!

    Just wondered if you have a link that details the current members of your ensemble.  (My compliments to all of them!)

    Best regards,


  • DaveOC

    I just learned that Ike Willis will be a guest at the Hollywood, Ca show on May 6th! Woo Hooo!

  • Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner

    Dweezil, it's good that you understand frank's music, they'll understand you too, I read that you're going to make a recording with many guitars, it's awesome, it's going to be a great play, and in the moment part 2, excellent friend, and dinosaur , Very good, Dweezil, in whatever you do, Jesus will always be with you, a big hug.

  • Edward G.

    I thought that I was finished with sharing my thoughts, but I am not. This is for all of the Zappa siblings that are not getting along at present. A couple years back I lost my little sister to cancer. Can never talk to her again, hold her, laugh with her. I will never be able to see her any longer. Please don't you guys keep fueding. Don't let this happen to you.

    No matter what it takes, slow down, think about how close you used to be. Forgive each other and work together, time goes by really fast and you really need each other. Don't forget that forgiveness is the next closest thing to love. I raise dogs and am a gardener, not a preacher!             Please!

  • Edward G.

    It's the music we are all thirsty for. Not pants or trade marked items for sale.....Simple, the music is in demand so help your brother keep this music going as long as you can as a team effort. That's what family does, they have each other's backs. What's wrong with assisting your brother with your father's legacy? If nothing else, add a clause somewhere that says all of you have the right to do what you like. But, damn man, act like you all are related and love each other.

  • Paul Diana

    Diva and Ahmet,I know you Flesh Ripping Weasils are looking at Dweezils website.And you think your protecting the Zappa name .Just remember 1 thing ..Your BROTHER Dweezil Zappa is the one keeping that name ALIVE .....You won't be selling your Yoga pants and Wine ,Without his work in PLAYING FRANK ZAPPAs music to new and old fans..Who do you think buys the Zappa CDs and shirts.. We Do,the Dweezil and Frank Zappa Fans...Keep it in mind Shitheads....