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Hello Friends and “Others,”
It’s been an honor to meet you at the shows on this leg of the Dweezil Zappa Plays Whatever The F@%K He Wants: 50 Years Of Frank Tour. I hear your voices in the audience and the kind words of support you share with me and the band before, during and after the shows. Thank you very much for that and for helping us get to 72%!

For me it has always been about the music and I have been having a great time playing with the exceptional musicians in my band. In my opinion this is the best band lineup I’ve assembled since the start of this project 11 years ago. With a few days left on this current tour I’m already looking forward to the next one in April as well as my special DWEEZILLA Music Bootcamp July 24th through the 28th at the Full Moon Resort. We will be focusing on ensemble playing and working the students into the band! Whether you play guitar, drums, bass, horns, keys or sing, if you attend you’ll get a chance to feel what it’s like to inhabit the music we are so inspired to play.

That said, the time I have on stage with my band each night is a brief respite from the unfortunate ongoing family drama surrounding the music. I would love to be able to tell you that things are beginning to smooth out but for the time being I cannot. Many turbulent things are still happening behind the scenes. I’ll put it to you this way, my younger siblings have been busy!

I have some new updates on the progress we are making that I will be sharing on in the coming days.

Until then, be on the lookout for new pledge items, audio treats, and more!

Thanks again to all of you who have become “Others Of Intention!”


  • DaveOC

    Muffin Man. 

    Everyone on stage seemed to be facing Vinnie. I would.

  • DaveOC

    Vinnie walked right by us on the floor before the show. He was with Thomas Nordegg.


    Keep It Greasey

  • DaveOC

    What an awesome show! Thanks Dweezil!

  • Peter H.

     Dweezil, I just saw your show this weekend at Harrah's at Tahoe.  Not only was I blown away, but two of my aging buddies -- who had little or no experience with your Dad's music -- were similarly impressed.  It was interesting how one guy liked the "Freak Out" stuff the most, while the other preferred the more recent stuff. Thanks for bringing that music to us!

    Just wondered if you have a link that details the current members of your ensemble.  (My compliments to all of them!)

    Best regards,


  • DaveOC

    I just learned that Ike Willis will be a guest at the Hollywood, Ca show on May 6th! Woo Hooo!