Alejandro D.

 When are you coming back to México.

Alejandro D.

Hola, Dweezil, necesito una lista de 10 canciones de Frank que les guste a las mujeres. I need a list of 10 Frank songs that women like.

Have a nice day,


Kim S.



Nice pic

Kim S.


Kim S.

I have been a Zappa FREAK for over 30 years. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to see Frank perform live. I have had the pleasure of seeing ZPZ and Dweezil Zappa Plays Whatever the F@!* He Wants many times throughout the years. The shows are always THE BEST! Enjoying my favorite music played by such AMAZING MUSICIANS who love the music as much as I do is ABSOLUTE BLISS! The artists currently touring with Dweezil are my favorite ZPZ grouping, and my favorite band to see live. I was front row for 6 shows during the "50 Years of Frank" tour over the past year. I saw Dweezil in Houston, Austin, New Orleans, Pensacola, Ponte Vedra and Orlando. I would go every night if I could! Thank you ALL for sharing your talent and love for Zappa's music! 


Michael R.

Dweezil, Thank you for signing my t-shirt remnant from the Dec. 18, 1984 Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver at the April 25 Commodore performance. You blew me away with your intelligent fingers and the band jelled for me many times. I went to both shows at the Fillmore East (1971) with Flo and Ed etc. Joni Mitchell encore in the first show; John and Yoko encore in the second. Haven't been the same since. Keep up the good work.


I honestly don't know how to take this post. As a women who has been a full on Frank Zappa freak for over 30 years I'm baffled. No man introduced Frank's music to me. I heard Peaches En Regalia on a 60's hour radio show and was instantly hooked. Dweezil, I discovered your music when you released Havin a Bad Day. From the time I was 14 Zappa music- father or son- has been in my life in a strong way. My collection of Frank Zappa music is solid. LP's, Tapes, CDs, remastered CDs. I never thought it was unusual for a woman to enjoy this type of music at all. I know other females who love Frank's music as well.  So Dweezil, are you saying its unusual for women to like, let alone seek out complicated music? 

Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner

It's very nice to see a woman singing the Frank things, it's strange, but unique, Dweezil, a big hug, Jesus holds us up.

Forest Z.

Dear Dweezil,



p!nk spent months in Australia with her husband.

Bruce Springsteen considers Australia a special and has toured 3 times in 3 years (read what he says here:

Zappa playing Zappa is as important a musical prodigy as those two performers!

Please bring your family down under and make a holiday of it as well.  You deserve one!

and Australia appreciates your father's music and your musicianship!!

ill throw a shrimp on the barbie for ya, mate!


Hope to see you soon.

Forest Z.


Dear Dweezil,

I have just discovered that "Zappa plays Zappa" has been registered as a trade mark in Australia (and internationally). It was registered without opposition in 2016!

This is disappointing, and perhaps you chose not to oppose it for very good reasons (eg. limiting family feud, cost of opposition, lethargy, etc).

I am a trade mark attorney in Australia and based on Australian (& US law) from what I understand, you definitely had and still have first rights to the use of the trade mark, having already established a reputation under that brand. In economics the term is "first mover advantage".

If you wanted to, you could still apply to have the trade mark removed on the basis that:

1. You already have an established reputation with that mark.
2. There is no real evidence (or likelihood) that the ZFT intends to use the trade mark in commerce. Surely the ZFT is not going to licence some tribute band to play under that name?

I would be happy to help you to apply to remove that trade mark in Australia. My fee is but a fraction of what you would pay a US Attorney. Call it a "love job" really.

Apart from wanting you to come and play Frank's music in Australia again (I was at your Melbourne show last time you came), I would be proud to help set things right.

And not only am I fan, but I'm Lithuanian. My home country being a place that has revered Frank with his own statue - as you well know!



(copy also sent by email via your publicist)

Shawn H.

Just thought I'd add a photo of us and show what I (we?) think of the actions of tZFT...hope you remember it Dweezil. Hope to catch you in Columbus tonight, but I have to try and scramble to get a ticket after I get off work. You always have my support, Dweezil...keep Frank's music alive and "Thank you!"

jeanne c.

well I listen!..........In fact my wedding was a Frank Zappa song    Watermelon in Easter Hay

And Thank you for playing it as your first song in Westbury LI.  I know I met you once and it seemed the song really meant something to you and maybe in time you would play it.  You did and I saw it live!!

jeanne NY

Gary C.

Like the broad base of " old" FZ fans I started with Freak Out and my kids grew up on Zappa music. So it is not without amazement that when my 40 year old daughter was discussing some schooling issues with me she blurted Brown shoes don't make it with school why fake it. You still remember that? I asked. And she ripped into a few more Zappa standards. Just love it!! As everyone says Thanks Dweezil. You just keep them coming. 

Ive travelled the world to see your shows and one day you may just bring that incredible group of musicians to the shores of sunny South Africa. 


As I read this blog  I am listenening to Dinosaur. Ironically my wife and I were introduced to this piece of Zappa music at a Dweezil Zappa and Lisa Loeb show in Feb of 2004. I guess one can say my wife  last heard a prehistoric version that you performed that evening. We seem to remember a medley of your father's music. Just as this composition has evolved so has your endeavor and the wife factor that appreciates FZs music. In September of that year I sang "I'm So Happy I Could Cry" to her at our wedding. Should you add that to your repretiore that would be a special visit to Jurasicland of the heart. .... To comment on the girls marching in Washington. In addition to pink hats what we need is a Flip Wilson Geraldine kind of Trump doll. When you pull the string the Donald's top 10 highly offensive ramblings poot forth.


Peace and Love to all

Kevin H.

My wife was a fan of Frank's before I met her and when I found out she liked FZ I thought she must be pretty cool. I was right. I had all of Frank's records at time and let her borrow the ones she did not have.When I gave her Thingfish she absolutely loved it. That's when I knew she was hopelessly hooked on Frank. She even has a Frank moustache tattoo on her wrist. She also says she feels sorry for anyone who doesn't listen to FZ. We even sent Frank an invitation to our wedding 30 years ago.

 Saw your show in Rochester in November it was fantastic. Whenever we see  your show we  have a profound feeling of joy and sadness.

Music is the Best.

Kevin and Pat

John K.

DZ, When my son started his career in music (and radio pop music f****d him up) I told him he must listen to my music collection. He was too smart to piss into a fan so he told me to pick one artist and he would not only listen an read all the lyrics, he would learn to play a few of his songs. Frank & you know have a new 17yr old Zappa Freak on your hand along with a dozen other teen friends. DZ you'll meet him at Dweezilla music camp, 7/24/17, Full Moon Resort,  Big Indian,  N.Y.  So I did my part now its up to you. Thanks.  John K. from Tampa

Paul Diana

I can't say my wife is a  hardcore Zappa fan .But , she is cool.Before I even heard of Zappa plays Zappa, she had gotten me tickets (called into a local radio show and spoke to Dweezil and the DJs about me being a FZ fan).She surprised me with front row tickets she won.I didn't know until a couple hours before the show.That show was in 2008 at The Egg,and The special guest was Ray White..On the elevator after the show,Ray White entered ,with a couple containers of food.I asked for an autograph and held his food containers while my wife found a pen and ticket to have him sign..I didn't notice but another guy in the elevator noticed there were 2 muffins on top ,We all laughed ..She has now attended 11 Zappa plays Zappa shows and a Dweezil Zappa Plays Whatever the F@#k he wants show with me.She itells me she enjoys seeing me "excited like a little kid" each time we are gonna see Dweezil and band.And If we are fortunate enough to have the chance to see them in the future,I'm sure that we will see them together..

Marcie B.

Mr. Z - attended last night's show in Asheville. Superb. Your choice of musicians stellar as usual, especially Sheila - that woman is a powerhouse!! Had hoped to show you my 1980 FZ "Crush All Boxes" tour shirt, but didn't get the chance. 

Thank you immensely for keeping the "live" in FZ's music. Having been a fan since 1973, your perseverance and and dedication to keeping FZ's music alive, as well as your personal incredible musicianship is truly inspiring. 

Will hope to get a chance to meet you one day, and tell a great story from an FZ show in Boston @the Orpheum Theatre in 1973.

Warmest regards, have a great rest of the tour!!  Onward "Others of Intention"!!! 

Marcie Bernardo 

Brian K.

Would you be open to talking a few minutes about advocacy and the arts this Friday in Charlotte?  Your father was so vocal in politics while many popular musicians shy away from sharing their personal beleifs.  We are begining a social media program called,  Truth 2 Power 4 U, and would find it meaningful if you would care to share a story and or your thoughts about your dad's willingness to speak his mind.  We just started production, a month early, and have a couple posts on the FaceBook page also Truth 2 Power 4 U.  I could meet you at the Neighborhood Theater Friday night at your convenience.  This is not a sponsored program, it is not for profit, and is more intended to inspire folks in ways that the popular media does not care to do.  Promise to get a plug for the masterclass and or camps?



my daughter was very precocious and was talking like an adult before she was two years wife and I ran a restaurant and had a half hour commute to and from work...we passed off our daughter like a baton to each other as when one of us was working the other was home with the child...on my way into work I would listen to Zappa on the half hour commute into town daughter would belt out "No Not Now" along with the record ...i will never forget my one year old baby who is now 34 singing along with that song so long ago....she sounded like a little chipmonk....


My wife has become a big fan.

Date of marriage: February 25, 1989

Our wedding waltz: The Closer You Are - Them or Us album

It is our "special" song :-)