2017 is here but yo, where my goodies at?

Hello "Others",
2017 is here and the "Others Of Intention" campaign continues to race towards the goal. Thank you very much for your continued support!

In case some of you are new to Pledge Music or are still thinking of joining the campaign I wanted to give a little info on how it works once you pledge your support.

Once you decide to pledge your credit card will not be charged until the goal is reached. So that means that no goodies will be sent out until the goal is reached, with one exception, the Download of my new instrumental guitar song"Dinosaur". That track has been available to all pledgers since the campaign launched. If you have haven't downloaded yours yet please feel free to do so at anytime!

Another thing to mention is that certain items will take a bit longer than others to manufacture. The manufacturing of most items cannot commence until the goal is reached. I anticipate the longest manufacturing timeline will be for the Via Zammata' double vinyl. This pledge campaign is the only place the vinyl will be available.

Also, for the Via Zammata' enthusiast, I am offering the album studio progress chart. This chart was posted on the wall at Winslow Court Studios while we were in production. Every day, items were checked off the list as they were completed. Sometimes little drawings were added too!

It's a colorful poster sized list of all the instruments recorded for each track on the album as well as the bonus material that didn't make it to the album. It has signatures from everyone who played on the album. It's a one of a kind item for sure! I've attached a photo for further exploration.

Once we reach 100% of the goal it will be time to release the "Otters Of Intention" into the field. Our crack team of trained "Otters" will be fulfilling all of the orders and deploying them as fast as their furry little "Otter" fin-like hands will allow. The "Otters" are just as upset about the situation with my name as you are and have volunteered to help get you your exciting new objet d'art doodads.

In closing, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you "Others" out on the road next week in Florida! Regards, DZ


  • Ana S.

    Loved images, Hope you will reach to your goals soon. Just have a look at Nepal vacation packages, Kerala vacation packages, Rajasthan tour packages for leisure tour.

  • Chansard D.

    Hi Dweezil,

    scuse for my english but I'm french!! I just want to know if you keep the drawing of your father i ll give you on stage in Paris in 2015?

    Best regards and please don t stop!


  • Buckwheat

    I think it is tragic that your own family could interfere with you playing music under your own name. I just donated to the cause because all I care about is good music. Keep the music alive as it should be. I've seen. ZPZ twice and I really thought you & the band nailed it.  I think your father would be really disappointed in all of this. 

  • Jam Band Purist

    How does one help these "otters"? I'm really interested in helping out here on the East Coast. I'm also still working on those picking techniques. Hoping to see you in NC, would love to,ask a few questions for my review. Best of luck. We are all on your side.


  • frank ferrigno

    looking forward to Ft. Lauderdale! anyone know what the times are for the events? I got VIP soundcheck. when do I show up for that please? I think there is also a master class? I assume that may start earlier?