• Aya S.

    Cool ! If the plague asks for a coin, give it in half, as long as it goes away.

  • Gary

    Happy to support this project. Due to the holidays I got in late on this. Unfortunately the Others Of Intention Mugs have sold out. All the best to All the Others of Intention.

  • BlueSky D.

    We knew you as the Dweez back in the day. I remember when your dad invited you on stage to play along on the first record version of, "You can't do that on stage anymore" i forget what song it was or where that album ever vanished to. I just want to tell you that I was so Disapointed about how everything was going on legally years ago with your mom. You were part of that situation not knowing the outcome of that venture. I saw the last 5 Frank shows of the last tour and I have been to four of your shows over time. You have really progressed and I think your dad would be proud of you. I Have voiced my opinion heavily in the past about the whole Gail situation and now tonight found what has transpired over the last year since your mom died. I only recently found out she died because I wasn't paying attention any more. It's been years. Reading the LA article I stumbled upon earlier tonight and then looking up your site and reading everything else along with your new tour. I am blown away. I support you now as much as I supported your Father as a Fan. I am just really sad about how all the data in the vault is in the wrong hands now. How everything is being wittled away under their own corporate destruction. I know the influence behind it also. Do the best you can. You have full support from me. Go get em and keep that rockin combo going. See you at the State Theatre. Peace and Happy New Year Bro!!!!!

  • syll.

    Whattttttt....OOOOOOO ...got no words 

    Ok,let`s go on,respect,love and support you Dweezil !

    Wish you ,family,friends and all humans good health,miraculous experiences and fun for 2017!

  • Gary

    Frank had a song Ancient Armaments. As the B-Side of the I Don't Wanna Get Drafted single the artwork had a headline

    "Is This Trip Really Necessary?"

    In regards to "The Others Of Intention"

    It's a voluntary draft of sorts.

    This Slip Kid is ready.

    Sign me up.


  • Bob Z.

    After seeing Dweezil perform last October for the first time at the Beacon Theater on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, it became crystal clear that he is the only legitimate heir to Frank's musical and intellectual legacy. Any effort to limit his ability to play his father's music is rooted in jealousy and greed and is seen by his fans that way. The attempt to trademark our family name only highlights the petty and malicious behavior of those trying to do that. It is hard to believe that any child of Frank's would do that to a brother and sister. Too many questions, so few answers...

  • Chandra D.

    Just keep Z Playing Z!  One Love...

  • Eliseu C.

    ELISEU C.  I haven't seen you live as many times as I was privileged to enjoy,with such pleasure,as your father,since "The Mothers  of Invention" in 1969, Bristol's Colston Hall (England).While I was self-exiled from Franco's ordeal.If one thing was worth living in this life was being & existing,if at the concerts,in parallel during the "Frank Zappa Era",in the adventures during some long years in the concerts.Till,irony apart,in 1988 I managed seeing you both at both Wembley gigs,together!!! I actually spoke to you in Barcelona "...do you believe in miracles?..."Last summer couldn't miss you,knowing you would be in Geneve and,I even took,my soon to be 90 years old mother,up for such extraordinary opportunity.Which we drove it up to from down here in Spain.So I've already caught you four times.Continuing as I would often done with your father that I miss so badly as much as my late brother Tony who was even crazier about Frank's music,but so was my father.Our pain is incurable.The four of us would star all together with "The Beatles" in 1965,but nothing came as surreal as Frank's genious,at the discovery of his uniqueness.Now let's hope for the best,but your inherited genious should be recognised as a monumental effort on par with the right to be conditioned by the human dignity.And I think you should stand beyond scrutiny and respected as such by whomever or whatever as regards to your unquestionable musical geniality.So I plea,please brother and sisters...let's come together!!!! Only once I spoke to Frank on the phone and if one thing stuckeds in my mind,forever,more than anything,was such outmost heartfelt compassionate tone as it was his voice,which would blow naked any prejudices away,from whatever reason that hope soon will settle down for the better.Frank must be the reason rather than the opposite for some creative resolution.And this would happen if we were,as you say,if a few minutes with him once again...Wish you nothing but the best for you/the Zappa legitimacy.Music is the best.Best wishes...       

  • DaveOC

    Thanks for everything, Dweezil. Happy Holidays and see you on Hollywood Blvd. next year!

  • Jim S.

    Sorry wrong pic. 

  • Jim S.

    Nothing but respect and admiration for you and your father. Can't amagin the turmoil you are going through. The picture I took is from a Q&A Frank did at The Ohio State University in the late 70's. I was a pimple faced teenager at the time and was to "star struck" to speak to him. It is something I regret to this day. I'm sure he would have had some good advise for me. All respect and looking forward to the show on the 22nd of January. 

  • T-Phunk

    Keep up the good work, man.  I am continuously discovering new elements of Frank's work (even in the things I've been listening to for many years) and to have you carrying on the legacy is a gift.

  • Ian H.

    A very Merry Christmas to you and yours! I have joined the Others of Intention, and trust you can reach a resolution in the coming year! Now ,where's that copy of Frank sings Christmas? 

  • roywhl

    Just to say hello. Was a big fan of your father all the way back to the sixties. A neighbor of mine turned me on to him. He let me borrow the "Freak Out" album which I ended up stealing. (Sorry Jim) :) My first album that I bought was "Live at the Filmore East."  Thank you for the years Frank. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  • Bill H.

    Happy Holidays! I agree it would be great to have your dad's comments on the world as it stands today. I not only loved his muic but listening to him speak. Thanks for the great show in Boston earlier this year. I don't know how but we were lucky enough to get tickets for front row seats. Keep up the good fight and hope to see you the next time you are in Boston.

  • jaws

    The whole situation is dumb all over. Have a good festive season and I hope we see your given name prominently displayed on next year's tour programmes, posters, tickets and merchandise.  

  • kevin C.

    For you the thought is, of course, so personal. For me, I think of the respect for his music Frank was achieving and the avenues that would have opened for him. For all the music that wasn't, I feel a void.

  • Lawrence  G.

    I still  hope your brother and sister reach out to resolve things. A divided Zappa clan is sad to see.

    Nevertheless i will fight together with the other fans, against  taking away your right  to use your name...

    I just can't  can't  see how that could fly legally; you aren't  using Zappa to cash in on Frank's success but to keep that name alive and promote his music; which, incidentally,  benefits their record label and products . .. So your use of the name Zappa HELPS their business as well! They don't  have  a music act so there is no basis for competition... can't  see their case at.all really. 

    Anyway Merry Xmas  to you and your family! Here's mto a better 2017! 



  • David McCain

    You have my support as well. Follow your dad's best advice via Steve Vai: Don't stop and keep going. 


  • justin2508

    Stay cool in the knowledge so many are with you and the band,have a great break then come back and show em...we know who is putting the work in anyway.Keep doing what you know is right.