Hello Everyone,
So much has happened with the "Others Of Intention" Pledge Music campaign in such a short time. I want to thank everyone once again for their support!

Another thing I'd like to mention is that I really appreciate people expressing their own feelings about why they have contributed and become "Others Of Intention." I've heard all kinds of stories from people all over the world who've been reaching out to me in support. The underlying component that is consistent is that people recognize the integrity of the work that I have done to carry my father's music forward. I'm glad to know people appreciate what we do as a band and what I do personallly as a labor of love for my father and his music.

I share the view of many folks in the difficulty of understanding why the zft has placed its emphasis on family prejudice and exclusion instead of recognizing the benefits of inclusion and family unification. I know most folks would love to see things flow in a more positive direction. It seems like a no brainer! That said, having just received the first batch of legal arguments from the zft regarding their stranglehold vision of the ZAPPA trademark I can tell you that things are not moving in a positive direction.

On another topic, yesterday was my dad’s birthday and I found myself wondering what it would be like to have just a few minutes with him once again. At 76, I can imagine his acerbic wit would have been ratcheted up a few notches. 2016 was a wild year in so many ways. His discerning social commentary and sapience would work itself a treat right about now.

In any case, I wish all of you Happy Holidays and I am very grateful for your support. – DZ

  • Aya S.

    Cool ! If the plague asks for a coin, give it in half, as long as it goes away.

  • Gary

    Happy to support this project. Due to the holidays I got in late on this. Unfortunately the Others Of Intention Mugs have sold out. All the best to All the Others of Intention.

  • BlueSky D.

    We knew you as the Dweez back in the day. I remember when your dad invited you on stage to play along on the first record version of, "You can't do that on stage anymore" i forget what song it was or where that album ever vanished to. I just want to tell you that I was so Disapointed about how everything was going on legally years ago with your mom. You were part of that situation not knowing the outcome of that venture. I saw the last 5 Frank shows of the last tour and I have been to four of your shows over time. You have really progressed and I think your dad would be proud of you. I Have voiced my opinion heavily in the past about the whole Gail situation and now tonight found what has transpired over the last year since your mom died. I only recently found out she died because I wasn't paying attention any more. It's been years. Reading the LA article I stumbled upon earlier tonight and then looking up your site and reading everything else along with your new tour. I am blown away. I support you now as much as I supported your Father as a Fan. I am just really sad about how all the data in the vault is in the wrong hands now. How everything is being wittled away under their own corporate destruction. I know the influence behind it also. Do the best you can. You have full support from me. Go get em and keep that rockin combo going. See you at the State Theatre. Peace and Happy New Year Bro!!!!!

  • syll.

    Whattttttt....OOOOOOO ...got no words 

    Ok,let`s go on,respect,love and support you Dweezil !

    Wish you ,family,friends and all humans good health,miraculous experiences and fun for 2017!

  • Gary

    Frank had a song Ancient Armaments. As the B-Side of the I Don't Wanna Get Drafted single the artwork had a headline

    "Is This Trip Really Necessary?"

    In regards to "The Others Of Intention"

    It's a voluntary draft of sorts.

    This Slip Kid is ready.

    Sign me up.