Become an "Other"

In the coming weeks I will be launching a unique crowd funding campaign via Pledge Music.

The campaign is as unique as my birth name. In fact the campaign is entirely about my name and how you can help me keep the legal rights to use my own full name.

I am inviting everyone to please join me to make some noise and raise funds to propel the necessary legal arguments to secure the rights to continue to use my own first and last name.

Let's band together and form a group called "Dweezil Zappa And The Others Of Intention." By joining and supporting this group via the Pledge Music campaign your voice will be heard alongside my own in the fight against the proposed Federal Trademark of the surname ZAPPA set forth by 2 of my younger siblings that seeks to prevent me from using my own full name in the field of music, entertainment and public appearances.

I have used Dweezil Zappa in the field of music and entertainment since 1982 and it's absurd that their proposed Trademark now threatens my ability to continue to legally use my own full name.

With your help I will be able to prevail against this personal injustice.

My father once said, "People make a lot of fuss about my kids having such supposedly 'strange names'. But the fact is that no matter what first names I might have given them, it is the last name that is going to get them in trouble." (The Real Frank Zappa Book)

On my birth certificate, where it said religion my father personally inscribed "musician" and I wish to continue to honor him through music using my full name Dweezil Zappa. By supporting this campaign you can restore the name given to me by my father. 

Are you ready and willing to become one of the "Others Of Intention"?

Follow the link below to sign up to be the first to hear about all of the downloads, treats and features of the campaign. There will be new music, art and other goodies available.

A huge heartfelt thank you for all your support. DZ



  • Mike A.

    Saw the brilliant show in Glasgow Wednesday. What a professional man of integrity (and s**t hot musician) you are Dweezil. Your dad would be so very proud of you, and I really wish I’d taken the time to tell you face to face after the show when you were signing t-shirts. Rock on, you will win this battle. And please come back to Scotland very, very soon!

  • ted R.

    I saw Frank many times, first when I was 14 in 1974 and I was blown away! I plan to see Dweezil here in Colorado on August 8th, can't wait! Thanks so much for keeping Frank's music so alive and well!, he is truly immortal now!

  • Paul Diana

    II hate Fed-ex..this mug was marked Fragile on each side of the box..packed with padding on all sides.the mug itself wrapped in padded packing material...Yet the delivery company Fed-ex managed to break this mug..I heard it rattle when I picked it up off the ground on my porch where it was thrown.,a padded chair right next to it....There are many great people at Fed-ex..then there's the box I was delivered....Anyone with an extra Others if intention mug to sell or trade can reach me here ...thanks ...

  • syll.

    Hello Dweezil,I am in action to order a T-shirt to support you on this crazy ,raw journey!Only  thing I have to check on is a way for me to complete the payment.I am Dutch,havn`t got Visa or Paypal,but we lovers of Zappa humans won`t give up ,so count me in,thinking of you all,wish you all well,Sylvia.

  • David D

    hey gary i don't think the concert hall is where they filmed the t.v. show...but srv and eric johnson have some great dvd's from the t.v. show

    • Gary

      Until recently I had not seen the Austin City Limits show since the 70s, where just recently I saw a Wilco show. Browsing listed acts over the years, from Willie Nelson to Wilco, lots of diversity over the years. It surely started out to focus on Texas Blues Players. The first 36 seasons were recorded at a communications building at the University Of Texas in Austin. As where you had seen DZ it's now at The Moody Theater. 

      Since my posting about Austin City limits I did some web searching if I could find that old Tom Johnston performance,  I found nothing concrete. I do see a few live solo Tom Johnston vids on youtube from the 70s, sure looked similar to what I thought I saw on ACL on PBS, where some have said it was the Soundstage Series from PBS in Chicago.

      Neihter Series shows a Tom Johnston performance in their credits. Soundstage states The Doobie Brothers appeared on their show in  77'. That was the time when Johnston was leaving the band so who knows, either of these shows may not have all their tapes or data cross referenced to check details.

      It's all good music that's Still Alive and Well. When speaking of Texas Blues, SRV, Eric Johnson and Johnny Winter(pun intended), these are examples of music that will live a long time. Be it if the musicians are here with us, or not, this form of music has a shelf life that deserves to be heard and performed by a set of, as Frank would say, Pretty Good Musicians.

      Conceptually, With Frank Zappa Music, The Others Of Intention that stand up, buy tickets to see live music. That helps new generations of listeners keep Frank Zappa's music alive and well, and but also, hopefully give musicians a fair living. Dweezil has done so very much ever since he bagan performing his fathers music. He deserves a fair living without being harassed by the controlling trust and their lawyers that are putting FZs legacy into the sausage grinder.

      In the current climate of declining respect to art. It's now more than ever that we need capable musicians to keep music alive. To the composers, musicians and fans, I give Thanks.