• Per K.

    Hey - you have to come back to Sweden again soon. We want to listen to you playing what the F&(/&%ck you want...


  • David D


  • David D


  • rugby007

    ...and thank you for the Birchmere show on Monday night.  Thank you to you and the band for all you do, and keep doing.  Loved "Watermelon in Easter Hay"--thank you for honoring us with it.  A beautiful and pure son's tribute to a father.

  • rugby007

    Saw the ZPZ show at the Beacon on Halloween in 2014, and thought the crowd was incredibly unappreciative and rude.  You opened with "Watermelon in Easter Hay" and those yobs screamed and made noise throughout, completely oblivious to the honor being given them.  I won't be back to this venue.

    • David D

      hey rugby007...i was at that show also...and i can assure you watermelon did NOT open the show...it might have closed it...and i was there sunday night for another great beacon show

  • David D


    • David D

      hey gary...thanks for the kind post...it's always nice to come to n.y. and see john and dz...i just wish he would take it a little bit easier on the court with me...he still trains...i do not...not that it would matter...seeing dz on the 10/11th...houston/austin...see you next n.y. trip...take care

    • Gary

      @David D,

      Great that you and Johnny Mac could once again celebrate an amazing Zappa Halloween tradition. You both do so very much for spreading positive N'Lightment on Dweezil's, labor of love, in the performance of his father's music.

      In the part where some folks may bring up fan based aural disturbances during a performance. While it is obvious that happens with audiences of any given band at any given show, yes at many live FZ shows too, in the case with Watermelon In Easter Hay, only during DZs performances have I ever heard such a drastic change in audience attention and respect, to where all ayes and ears are on Dweezil when he plays WIEH. One could hear a pin drop. As soon as the first note of those 4/4, 5/4 bars play, things go immidiately silent. Not to take anything away from any live performance FZ ever did but in my deepest sincerity, Dweezil's performances of WIEH carries a communion of spirit, or one can say aTrilogy of Father-Son-Music

      In the second part of my mentioning of what you and John do to spread Dweezil's work. You both understand well of what it takes to deliver the perfect shot. While John is, without a doubt, the best serve/volley and shot-maker the game of tennis has ever seen, the level of professionalism of the game is just as important. In the little time I have spoken to you and John, you two are models of consummate professionals. 

  • Kim C.

    I'm young enough that I never really heard Frank or Dweezil.  Husband is a huge fan of both.  Occasional airplay on the family iPod and a documentary or two failed to get my attention.  I'll admit, I just didn't get it.  Three songs into the setlist on Saturday - BOOM - I get it.

    Dweezil, your talent and the beautiful way in which you're honoring your father's work are apparent in these shows.  Keep going.  Even though I've just "met" your father, I'm sure he would be very proud.  Hopefully soon the rest of the family will be too.

    In the meantime, please continue playing whatever the f*ck you want.  Die-hards and first-timers alike thank you for it, and are having a seriously good time in the process.  Kudos to you for sticking to your convictions and bringing the music to future generations to enjoy.

  • Ed C.

    Dear Dweezil,

    I was lucky enough to see your dad perform every Halloween in NY from 1976-1988 (and then some - anywhere in the tri-state area).  It means so much to us die-hards that you continue to pay tribute to his legacy and choose to come back to NY around this time.  It just wouldn't be Halloween for me without Frank's music.  I've seen your band on every tour and I am astounded at each new recruit's ability. Thank you for all the great music - we all know how difficult it must be to get right.  Thank you for soldiering on in the face of moronic legal claims from family members and thank you for being there for us.  A world without Zappa music would be truely scarey!



  • Paul Diana

    Halloween MYSTERY PHOTOS...Is that Dweezil or Frank's Face....Tuesday at the Egg ..Photo as taken...no special anything.....

  • Gary

    Happy Halloween Everybody!

  • David D

    dweezil, my ny buddy and i will be at the beacon tonight...let me know if you want to say hello after the show...can't wait to see ike

  • Randa T.

    Dweezil, I am a little too young to have ever heard Frank Zappa live, or really get into his music...but I discovered it a few years ago, and its really changed the way I listen to music. I was at your show in Fairfield, it was great to hear the music I've been listening to live! Thank you for an amazing show---the music makes me feel free.

  • Paul Diana

    Dweezil, My wife Donna and I were at the 50 years of Freak Out show at The Egg last Tuesday. The music was so well done ,each time we see your band it's better and better.This was our 10th show, and each band was excellent .Maybe it's that the band evolves  from time to time,like Frank's did, that keeps it fresh.. My wife took a picture on Tuesday, you were  emotionally playing Watermelon In Easter Hay at the time..This MYSTERY photo is the only one that had this effect of strangeness .But from what we see in it ,it looks like Frank's Face is morphing into or out of your face.It's certainly up to interpretation, like all weird photos or events .But what WE see is that  Frank's with you , and your doing the right thing .Everyone knows that you are ,but it's still nice to have Proof....?? So I'm posting the photo ..And everyone can decide for themselves what they see....Only you know if You felt Frank with you  that night......or always  ...Maybe the ZFT should take a look ....

  • Phil

    Loved this tour DZ, perhaps your best so far. You've struck a sonic balance that is both powerful and so pleasing to the ears. The new vocal arrangements are reminiscent of the originals and the musicians are just SO talented. One of my favourite moments was watching Scheila give "space" to one of the new members so they could stand in the limelight. I attended the Montreal sing along, my 4th Montreal show. I think you're heading to the new year on a high note, the band is tight (you can tell from all the smiles on stage). Adding Ike to the line up with the current state of affairs is genius. And what can you say about Watermelon, other than  THANKS DZ .... I hope 2017 finds you and the band back on the road, perhaps a little closer to home and with a better bus! Great band, great crew, and of course DWEEZIL ZAPPA 



  • purpleguitar

    Fantastic !!!

  • Potato Head Bobby

    I would be in favor of Zappa yoga pants if they bore an image of Frank similar to the one from a t-shirt I have from one of your shows, shrunk down and centered over the crotch. Then across the ass side are the words "Ride my face to Chicago". ;-)

    Fight the good fight man!

  • Potato Head Bobby


    Saw you in Albany.  My third time. Best show yet!! Thank you SO MUCH for keeping Frank's music alive. Your father was a great man and you do him VERY proud!


    P.S. I had to wipe my eyes during "Watermelon in Easter Hay" too ;-)

  • Sue H.


    Just saw you guys at Higher Ground, Burlington, VT, on the 23rd!  What a show!  Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!  Sheila was exceptional as always and really appreciated the additions of Dave and Shawn (sp?).  We too are Billy the Mountain fans and would LOVE to have heard anything from that some time, but with a vast repertoire like your Dad's, it's got to be almost impossible to pick the play list! 

    We wanted to commend you on standing for what your Dad would have wanted.  His disdain and distaste of commercialism ("the attitude or actions of people who are influenced too strongly by the desire to earn money or buy goods rather than by other values" - Merriam Webster's dictionary) was quite obvious, and he would have been disgusted with any effort -- let alone from his own children -- to detract from his music, especially for something like 'yoga pants.'  We'll be checking back in frequently to see any updates and to find out how we can help promote your cause. 

    Thanks again for a great show, and hopefully the day will come soon when you can use your last name freely again - the way your Dad intended you to, however the F@%K you want!

  • John F.


    OMG! Show @The Egg was over the top! Best show I've seen yet! The Freak Out covers were a great treat!

    I have loved FZ since I heard Billy the Mountain in 1973 when I was a sophomore in high school! Went out and randomly bought Burnt Weenie Sandwich (hoping for more swearing and insanity) and instead got my mind blown away by Holiday in Berlin Full Blown, Abbey Sea and Little House I used to Live In......Hooked for life!

    Anyway, you are an amazing genius in your own right, for doing what you are doing with the highest degree of integrity and fidelity to your Dad's Spirit and music. I am sorry for the rift some of your family members have caused and hope it resolves in your favor....and soon!

    Also, missed having the guitar Master Class, mostly just to get to see you u close and personal. I'm a fair player, strictly rhythm, but keeping at it......

    Finally, had the good fortune to see a guy in NYC at the Iridium, Ed Palermo who plays FZ and a lot more, with a 15-piece big band. Crazy wonderful arrangements and A LOT of FUN! Have you heard of him?

    Best, best regards and let us know when the crowd funding is up online. Glad to help!

    John Frederick

    Albany, NY

    janthony10@yahoo.com 518.426.3922

  • Gary

    Thanks for keeping us in tune with the "Development".
    Looking forward to The Beacon show.