• Aya S.

    The appearance of merit is more often rewarded than merit itself.

  • mojobreezer

    Oi Dweezil,

    gonna write another review for the Flemish Rootstime magazine of your gig in Brussels this eve. Me so called zappa by 2 grandchildren since 5 years 'caus I didn't like callnames as grandfather or bompa or opa or ukki or whatever, only me zappa, gonna enjoy of unstoppable Dweezil Zappa's music of his great father Frank Zappa, but better don't tell your brother for using yor name  

  • Father Oblivion

    Hi Dweezil,  

    Was at the 50 years of Frank Show at Hampton Beach NH last night  You guys ( The Band ) are unbelievable!   I saw Zappa Plays Zappa  2 years ago but 50 Years of Frank is on a whole other ( Higher ) level. I cant thank you enough for the performance you all put on.  Really glad you did Black Napkins and Guitar/Sax Solo With Mz Gonzales was absolutely First Rate.   Don't know how the 7 of you pull it off but I certainly enjoyed watching / lisenting to you guys doing Franks Best stuff.  If anyone ever said Franks work goes against the Laws of Music I would have to suggest that Frank will decide and demonstrate precisely what those laws are.

    Im pretty sure your dad would be proud of what you are doing here....

    Keep up the good work !, 

  • James v.

    Hi Dweezil . Saw your consert in Covington Ky . I was the person who had the headstock on my FZ SG also break ( fixed now ) . I was wondering if you have ever used a Sustainiac pickup , I think it would work great on Filthy Habbits !  Hope to see you the nexted time your in town . Also hope Diva & Ahmet come to their senses....

  • Chunga`s

    Hi Dweezil . Just saw you here in Montreal for the third time, can't wait for a fourth ! Saw your Dad for the first time in 1968, been a BIG fan ever since. Next time you come to MTL I'd love to hear you play  the Filmore East 1971 album also .... Call any vegetable, Nanook rubs it, Sharleena,Stevie's Spanking,Whippin' Post and illinois Enema bandit ( which you gave a GREAT rendition last time ) Hope to hear you soon !!!

    Also hope Diva & Ahmet come to their senses....This world does not need Zappa yoga pants or a Zappa salad dressing or Zappa shampoo  etc........

  • Peter G.

    Hi Dweezil,

    me and many of my friends think that now is good time for you to play Zappanale in 2017. A couple of thousand hardcore fans would be more than thrilled! (ask Ike, Napoleon and all the other bandmembers that have played there what a great festival it is). What do you think? Hope to see you there next year! Greetings from Berlin, Peter

  • Daniel P.

    Hey Dweeze

    Just want to Thank you for continuing 

    the Legacy of your Dad ! I saw Frank at the Universal Ampitheater , The Us or Them Tour . Oh hey I saw you there to ! 

    Love ya my Brother  Keep Rockin the Nation !!!

  • Steve R.

    I have asked before  ........But here goes Please Please Please Please PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW TO THE UK..........Anywere will travel but Liverpool would be great

  • Ira  S.

    Sorry to have missed an Ike sit in at the Beacon but looking forward to seeing the band on Halloween. Brings back memories of the Palladium in NYC!

  • Gary

    Dweezil Zappa @ Beacon

  • daniel j.

    Haven't been able to attend a show this year, being from Belgium, but I'm impressed by the two female vocalists adding a lot to the music I've known for decades. I espcially liked the 200 motels tunes sung by Cian and Sheila... Hope to see all of you soon in Europe. Keep up the good work!

  • Bill H.

    GREAT SHOW in Boston on Thursday night!!!

    We were lucky enough to have seats in the first row, center stage.

  • John G.

    I was at the show at the Keswick last night.  Wow, what a great show.  Dweezil is truly an amazing individual.  Carrying on his father's legacy the way he does is just totally thrilling to experience.  It's such a shame what's happening between him and his brother. I'll do everything and anything I can to help support Dweezil in his continued quest to keep his dad's music alive.  Frank was a one of a kind artist.  Keep up the great work DZ!

  • Paul Diana

    Wow, Dweezil this show at the Egg had it all ,This band is tight, The Freak Out music was masterfully crafted.This band reminded us of  the depth of Frank's music  Kurt and Ryan were in top form .Chris's keyboards and vocals rock solid .And of course the lovely and joyous Scheila, Still the heart of this band ,multi talented musicianship and  the ability to laugh and have fun while doing it.Always a pleasure to see perform. The new members Cian, added a vocal feature to the songs that fit well.And  David did  the lower range vocals in a cool style .loved that baritone sax ,an instrument that you don't often hear in live music,if ever.Dweezil's guitar playing is inspired and creative, while playing extremely difficult musical parts for example Inca Roads .But, Dweezil's achingly beautiful rendition of Watermelon In Easter Hay, showed me that a connection has been made with his father, through the music his father wrote .And ,No one can Cease and Desist that .

  • Reid W.

    Wonderful show at the Turning Stone last night! My third show in the past 5 or 6 years, and I can honestly say this one was the most creative as far as the arrangements and sequencing, and the most impressive in the vocals department. And I want to mention the rhythm section as well, because they played great! Black Napkins with the baritone sax sounded so delicious! Thanks for that! And the Indian style guitar solo on Zomby Woof was very interesting and enjoyable. The wide range of material from Freak Out, ...Money, and 200 Motels, to Joe's Garage made for a very satisfying musical experience. Thanks for your hard work and dedication! See you next time!

  • Johnny 2Much

    Another great concert in Montreal thanks u Dweezil and also the whole great band.See you next time.Also thanks to Etienne for the great 3 hours we spend together in line :)

  • L R.

    Hi Dweezil .......... MTL show (October 20th) was amazing ! The new members team are so stunning ! New partners : Cian Coey and David Luther was spectacular. They brings impressing new colors to (the already perfect) core team. I must mention their name again :  Mr drummer Ryan Brown woaaaa !  indescrible multi instrumentalist Scheila Gonzalez : unbelievable !  keyboarder Kurt Morgan : stunning ! bass Kurt Morgan : wonderful . I hope that this band will last long. Can you guess that I'm a fan ?  :) :) :)    

  • jaws

    Keep up the good work and hope to see you and the new band in Norway soon.  I recruited another family member to the Zappa cause last year and I'm sure Paws will want to see another show if he is home from college - yep he's 20 now.  He still talks about the night he met you at the soundcheck and was able to see the show too.  Best wishes 

  • Patrick M.

    Hello Dweezil.

    In the first place, thank you for the fantastic show here in Quebec, last week.

    Secondly, it would seem that certain people forgot that: MUSIC is the BEST! But not you... Dont give up. Stay true and make the music of your father pass the futur generations.


  • Kip B.

    Hi Dweezil! I enjoyed the show at the Intersection in Grand Rapids this past Sunday very much. This was probably my favorite of the three shows of yours I have seen so far. The new band members are excellent fits for the band, especially CIan because from watching her I get the feeling she really "gets" the music and the mindset behind it. She totally nailed Zombie Woof which is not an easy feat! I hope you enjoyed the Run Home Slow and World's Greatest Sinner DVD's I gave you and if you're ever in the area again I will certainly be in attendence. I do an almost dead perfect Captain Beefheart impression so if you want to resurrect Willie The Pimp I'm available! I'll be watching for the crowdfunding page for your legal fight against the trademark problem! I'm what you would call a "lifer" so anything I can do to help, I will!