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  • Lee W.

    Now that you're officially a renegade have you given any thought to hooking up w Ike and the Preroject Object guys for a show or two?  Seems like you have some things in common. 

  • Dan from Toronto


    I've seen you tour on your earlier dates. Shows which inlcuded Steve Vai, Terry Bozzio, I think Nappy was in there also...

    Ive also seen you go it without them and I am alsways impressed. I cant think of a similar family/artist that has come even close to the effectiveness that you ahve at keeping Frank's dream alive: to "Keep Playing Frank's Music".

    You and your team have doen an amazing job. BTW Scheila Gonzalez plays a mean sax!o disrespect to any of your family members, but I think they have forgotten his wish.

    Maybe you could remind them?

    Franks devoted followers know the difference between his music and 'what they play today' and these followers are now your followers.

    Like Frank did, please keep fighting the fight or we all have to listen to the radio drip and one finger solos.

    If I can help somehow, please let me know.


    Best Regards,







  • L.o.u.i.s

    A pretty family like the Zappa family it's a pity that you don't understand one another anymore. So many people were jealous of your father - a clever and independent personality - ...  Take care!

  • Lee C.

    You can't choose family , I wish you only the best in your fight to have what's rightfully yours. The ability to use your own name ! You are an extraordinary talent . You have the abilities and have proven yourself with years of touring and recordings . You have my support , as I have watched a family fortune and business gobbled up by lawyers because of family disputes and greed. The lazy ones I call them ! Always wanting something for nothing ! God Bless , Karma and talent is on your side . Love to all, Lee

  • david o.

    From the guy whose birthday is 12/21 and maybe the only person who bought my mother is a space cadet and crunchy water let me say the show at the warehouse was one of my favorite of all time and I've seen Frank At least 20 times and Dweezil s bands including Z band about 15 times. Great changes .i wasn't expecting much ,but the new players blew me away and brought a new energy. That girl Cian can really belt out a tune and I thought the poodle skirt girl was good at the capital. Keep up the good work and see you in N.Y. Ps.saw Ike 6 times with Project Object,and Napolean occasionally with the 10 times I've seen Eddie Palermo

  • Lou G.

    Dweezil, thanks for this update

    I was turned on to Frank by my older brother with are annual treks to the Felt Forum in NYC for Halloween shows (remember Lenny go f*****g crazy?) and also saw Frank many times at the Capital in Passaic.  My brother passed a couple of years ago but every time I listen to any Zappa music I think of him.   

    You are the only one (or your siblings) should be the ONLY people who should be able to use the name (it's yours too) and when I have seen your band, you do nothing but honor the memory, atmosphere and music of what it was like to see the old shows.   Look forward to seeing the crew at the Keswick and wish that your family members get their act together to make this right.   

  • Trip

    Thanks for answering Dweezil,I sent a email to kidlogicmedia@gmail.com.
    We can communicate that way if you want ?

  • John P.

    Dweezil, I just saw you and your plays whatever the f**k I want band in Covington Ky. Best night I have had in a long time! You guys are tight and I enjoyed myself immensily! It was my GF's first experience with Zappa music and she enjoyed it much! She said Damn, he can play that guitar! She watched you intently the whole night! One helleva concert! Thanks for the great night!! If you come my way again I'll be there! Especially in Covington, loved the layout and the seating! Again thanks for a great night! Frank lives on through you! Excellent show!!

  • Peter F.

    Hi Dweezil , love what you are doing , saw you London show Roxy and elsewhere with my son James his own music is very influenced by Frank . He was only 10 when he first heard Hot Rats , he has just started playing with the drummer from Simple Minds , Mel Gaynor , we both love ya. Don't stop play what you what Mate, hope you can tour England again. all the best Pete

  • Doug C

    Saw the show at the Turner Ballroom in MKE on the 11th and it was Fantastic (Zombie Woof got the first standing O).

    Dweezil, if you need resources for the surname legal battle consider Crowdfunding. People line up to fight for a righteous cause.

    I'm sure you get all the support you need, starting with me.


  • tomas

    GREAT Chicago show!!

    Great venue...great crowd...GREAT MUSIC!!!

    Anything I can do to help keeping the flame burning, lemme know.


  • Jon Z.

    Dear All, 

    If you are planning to go to see Dweezil and this amazing collection of musicians, do it.  I am sure I had the chance to see FZ over 75 times, so I might have a valid perspective. This has to be one of THE MOST ACCOMPLISHED group of musicians in a group in the world today.  Dweezil's playing was simply astounding.

    All the intelligance and integrity that Frank had was clearly passed on to Dweezil.   Personally, I cannot thank him enough for making these tours for all of us.  The set list was just great and I got see see some songs performed that I otherwise never would have.

    Dweezil is a true gentleman and decicated to all of us and anyone who wants to see some of the most complex and entertaining music performed.  

    If you can get to the VIP / Soundcheck, the expereince is well worth it.  I went and broke my ankle early that day and still went.  It was SOOOOO worth it.  Thanks for signing the posters and for signing the merch afterwards.  Mrs. is wearing the hat with pride.

    Thank you Dweezil for standing tall.  We believe in you and what you are doing.  Never stop.  We loved Frank and now we get to love you too.



    Jon Z

    • DaveOC

      Well put, JonZ!

      My show(Coach House - 9/29/16) did not have the soundcheck option. I did attend one back in 2012 w/Scott Thunes on bass. It was well worth it.


      Rock on Dweezil!

  • Doug C

    Going to the show tomorrow in MKE at turner hall (saw Dweez the last time he was there). Have VIP tix but cannot find any info about the advanced entry, sound check, or other special info.

    Anybody know the VIP details??????


    Thanks in advance.


    GO Dweezil - Cease and Desist.....NOT      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trip

    Hey Dweezil,
    Are we getting the forum,groups & photo albums back ?
    Is this just a Dweezil Zappa info site,as of now ?

    • MrDo

      Yes, I enjoyed the forums also. Being able to ask questions and get answers, set list info, vintage photo's

      of Frank and so on....hope to see some of that come back.

    • Dweezil

      Hi Trip,

      We are sorting out many things in order to streamline the site. Since you are a longtime visitor of the site I would be interested to know some of your thoughts for future features. Mind if I send you a message about it?

  • John N.

    As a long time fan of your father, and of yourself, I am disheartened to read all the dis/misinformation being spread about your efforts.  I've met you at ZPZ tours several times, and in those brief meetings have found you to be nothing other than a gracious, and talented person that takes time after every show to give back to the fans.  You share something that your father no longer can, his music in a live setting with an assemblage of the finest musicians to be had on one stage.  I've brought friends to your shows that had very little knowledge or understanding of FZ's work.  Once experenced, their eyes (and ears) were opened to a broader appreciation than what is generally remembered in the mainstream successes of your father's work.  I guess this is a long way of saying thank you for sharing your talent, and for not giving up in the face of the unfortunate legal wranglings with your family.  I wish you the best, and hope that you can continue the dialogue that is FZ's music, and yours as well.

  • Bruce P.

    Agreed, the Canyon Club show was flat amazing. The band sounded great, and the choice in songs covered a wide spectrum showcasing yours, and Franks great musical abilities. Thanks for coming out after the show and meeting fans, including myself. That autographed poster proudly hangs in the main hallway of our house now.

  • Martha A.


    I just wanted to thank you for continuing to play your father's music. I was at the concert at Talking Stick Resort on Oct. 1st and I loved it. I hope you come back soon.

    Thank you,



  • pailott

    Dweezil, amazing show at Canyon Club. Loved every minute.You guys were incredible. Sharp, clean,,,

    Thanks so much for working so hard. It shows !! The whole band is simply amazing !!

    Played so many of the greats.

    I love the Freak out Stuff. So great to hear it live after so many years. Brain Police was amazing.. And the rest...

    Thanks for throwing in Flower Punk (from WOIIFTM of course), one of my all time favs.

    And lots of Joe's Garage... and of course Watermelon (thanks for doing it,what a great finale,, not counting the spectacular encore of course),

    and the all time crowd pleaser Montana, and Cosmic Debris... I could go on and on !!!

    Keep up the great (and very very hard) work ! And I'd like to hear seom more of your own stuff as well,,, it shines on it's own, don't be worried

    about doing more. I love the Via stuff !! See you again soon..

    An old and new Zappa fan, Peter