Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow is day one of DZPFZ rehearsal! It's the first time we are playing under our new name and the band will be slightly different this time around as well.

I've added an additional female vocalist named Mikki Hommel. If you have heard the "Philly 76" album and are familiar with Lady Bianca's voice on there then you will have an idea of the new texture I've added into my band. Mikki has a rich bluesy, gospel tone to her voice and she will be putting it to use on several lead vocals. A few surprises... There's more to come about her so stay tuned!

Because this year is the 50th anniversary of "Freak Out" we are doing a special set that focuses on the psychedelic sounds of the first pivotal albums. It's anchored by some key tracks from "Freak Out" and a taster's platter of deeper tracks. The set is not chronological but does feature a wide range of material from throughout my Father's career.

There is a lot of new material in the show that will be premiered on this tour as well as a few well known favorites. Just to give you a few hints, we're playing new stuff from albums like "Burnt Weeny Sandwich", "Them Or Us", "Chunga's Revenge", "You Are What You Is", "Studio Tan" and "200 Motels" among other classics.

I hope you can come out and join us on tour in July! We look forward to seeing you and thanks for all your support!