• david g.

    Dear Dweezil,

    After hearing this sad, sad news I recently had the chance to see you perform in Sydney, Australia.

    I bought two tickets ( one to support you and your fine band and one to support Frank) and then, I didn't go near the merch table.

    Thankyou, I had a fantastic night and finally hearing Frank's music live brought me to tears!

    I know how these things can go, I can sense it is on the horizon in my own family. Sometimes you can't change anything about your family and their motivations, in the end you can only change your expectations of their behaviour.

    There was once a Letterman interview with Moon and Frank in which Frankand Moon  joked that Ahmet had wanted to change his name at one stage to Rick, it seems he was sick of being called Ahmet Vomit only to find out he was instantly called Rick Dick. I distinctly remember Frank commenting, to much laughter from all present, on the irony of the story as in Frank's own words... "Ahmet IS a bit of a dick".

  • Guy S.

    Well, that was tough to read. It's more than a little upsetting to see how money and fame just rip families apart, especially when the guy that was responsible for all of it surely would have put a stop this nonsense (ok, his ghost would have....this issue wouldn't be one if Franks was still among us). Clearly, we - the listeners - know nothing about Franks involvement related to the minutia of legalities as it relates to protecting his music, recording and touring. It did appear he loathed that component of art - the business end that is. But what stands out in his interviews is his intense desire to 'get it out there'...whatever "it" was. How would he have felt about Zappa Plays Zappa? Who knows? If history is any indicator, it strikes me he would have been ambivalent, practical and maybe even proud. If it was helping the family, I have to believe he would have supported it. But I guess that is neither here nor there.


    Not to speak ill of the dead but I was never a fan of Gail as the purveyor of things "Zappa". I think it was pretty obvious she had a limited business sense and was hell bent on anyone 'possibly' making a dime off of the Zappa name. Her litigious nature is probably second only to Scientology. But she is gone and what is left is a f*****g mess. Perhaps Ahmet will hit the Powerball and make enough money so he can forego these petty demands and stop pretending it's all about the legacy; because sorry Ahmet, I just read what you wrote and I didn't need to read Dweezils response to see some of your language isn't passing the smell test (as if he is reading my meaningless rant). Let's all hope for Ahmet to hit the Powerball, make a payday, stop telling us fans what we want and allow his brother the financial necessities needed to get back to doing the one thing we honestly REALLY care about - going to a Zappa concert. My musical soul is all filled up with Franks music. Any "new" stuff is nice but definitely not needed. However, watching it performed live is new every single time...and that's what's special to Zappa fans. That is what is needed. 

  • jason s.

    dweezil , , cant wait to see you play in London on the 10th , I remember seeing both you and your brother playing in a sports hall in the early 90;s , since then I have been enjoying not only your dads music but your own , having friends who are frank mad , I was slow to find a love of franks music , and to be honest you playing zpz gigs have given me some great nights of live music , hearing it live is for me great ,seeing and hearing watermelon easter hay at sheperds bush in London , made me cry I hope that your brother wakes up smells the coffe without you playing franks music and  now at the gigs in the last ten years of me going to see you play I see more younger people , not just all the oldier frank fans in the early years , I for one love the way you make the guitar speak and keep doing it and play your own songs also I just want to say thanks for giving me some great nights of live music 


  • chuck s.

    some things (making $$)  never change

  • olivier b.

    Dear Dweezil, If I may: try and stay away from all that. I feel like you're being sucked into "somebody else's psychological trauma".....as if you're being unconsciously "used". Keep a sain distance on all that ...... as I feel that this is not 'your" story.

    Like Frank said "don't throw stuff on the stage" ..... "We just want to keep playing music".... otherwise "house-light !!! the concert is over".

    Try n keep all your energy to the great music you play and stay away from "stinky business" ...... we need great music and great musicians like you.

    I'll be at your gig coming 14th October 2017 in Paris ..... I hope Sheila Gonzales is in the band : )

    Be well

  • Josh C.

    Having been out of the Zappa game for a while (started off as a Dweezil fan, then got into Frank's music), I put "Confessions" on today and was reminded of how great an album it was-- as good as when I was 16 and hearing it for the first time. 

    I thought "I wonder what's been going on in Zappa land?" and then I see the strife that you're going through.  Really sorry to hear this news, Dweezil!  It seems like past decisions have really made it hard for the family to be a family.

    I'd hope that eventually the 4 of you could get together and establish equal percentage ownership in the ZFT, but it would have to start with admitting wrongs with regard to the money owed to you.  Not sure where that money would even come from if ZFT is illiquid, but it breaks my heart to see the family torn apart by all this.  I'd love to see a day where you and Ahmet could get past all this and maybe even do another "Z" album together.  Alas, that seems a long way off.

    I don't think you're out of line from anything I've read-- it's not too late for Ahmet and Diva to do the right thing and start steering the ship in the right direction.

    My thoughts are going out to you (all of you!) to get this resolved and get back to being a family.  It's what Frank would've wanted.



    Josh C.

  • Burb


    I am sorry your family continues to endure this strife.  Ahmet needs to stop being an asshole.  Play whatever the f**k you want and be happy.

  • John P.

    Dweezil, I have seen both you and your father play live and in person. You were so gracious that you stayed after the concert, met your fans and signed autographs and just talked with your fans. I will see you again the next time you are close like in Covington Ky where I saw you and your band. It was a tremendous concert! I brought my GF and she had never really heard any FZ music. She enjoyed it and we both will be back. This was the Dweezil Zappa plays whatever the f**k he wants tour! LMAO I think you should stay that way and f**k what the family trust thinks. We will see you by any damned name you choose. I know you are trying to please everyone but f**k 'em Dweez. Some people will never ever change just like my family. I don't care what they think anymore after not one of my siblings would show up for my Mother's funeral after I called them and informed them and they wouldn't even answer their phones again afterwards. Some people are just plain "trash" and it is not worth the effort to even think about them. They did the same thing to my Father too! So Dweezil, it is time to move on and forget them and never look back again. I love your music and will come see you no matter what the hell your banner is. Take it easy and don't beat yourself up for others actions. Actions speak louder than words! We know you loved your Father as you pour your heart and soul into the music you play. Your Father is looking down and just shaking his head at what is going on down here. Have a great day and remember "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow". LOL See ya again soon I hope

  • Orv  P.

    I grew up listening to Frank Zappa, and was lucky enough to see him play live 3 times in Chicago in the 1970's. And it always irks me to see people that never had an open mind comment on his music in a negative and uniformed way. Thank goodness, he left so much musical brilliance behind. A bloody shame on the way the ZPT was initially set up. All 4 kids should have had an equal share, and maybe this stuff may not have ever happened. Seems like this is not only Gail's cross to bear, but also Ahmet and Diva. I went through a very similar situation in my own family many years ago, and we all know, nobody wins. Nobody! Here's hoping someday the ZFT will be able to make amends. I'm sure Frank, if here were alive, would not be happy with all of this stuff. I can relate. Sympathies to all involved.

  • just plain Bob

    As a Life long 40 year die Hard..! Die Hard,…!! Die Hard,…!!! fan,….I have to make a comment and a suggestion:
    What you four have inherited (The legacy of all that music.)  is oh so beautiful, but sooo fragile.
     Take a minute to step back because you may be too close to realize that very few people even know who Frank Zappa was (is) and time is not on your side.  All the millions of fans from years ago are going away, and its very hard in this age to reach new ones. Dweezil has done exceptionally well at this noble cause!!!
    With all the fighting, it takes away from all the time that could be devoted to promotion, and all the releasing of un released material, things that are so essential to keep this zappa train moving into the future for others to enjoy.
    I have listened, enjoyed and my ears "cry" with love for the music of your father, so much! I think its fairly obvious that Dweezil is the most qualified to relate information from fans to the ZFT as to what the fans want.
     I can say one thing as a fact,…I myself am a very successful artist and in order to fully understand a unique art form you need to tear it down, learn it, build it up and bring it to the highest level you can. Dweezil has done this and in so doing this, it gives him a unique insight as to what made it appeal to fans, and what people want to here, what they might find interesting etc. The direct feedback of ten years of touring is uniquely essential to presenting more of Franks material.

    I think its fair to say "mom" made a mistake by not issuing equal percentages in the trust. Try to get past that, not to be mean in any way, but it would tear apart the siblings of "any" family.  I wouldn't trust my kids as far as I could throw them, if it was my legacy that was at stake, but it would have the best "chance" at success if they had equal say.
    As a life long fan my humble suggestion to get past this, and the inevitable future fights,…maybe some sole searching should be thought of by Diva and Ahmet, and all four sit down over a dinner and realize full equal shares would ensure that the music has its best chance to survive the difficult journey it has to get to new fans. The Four togeather have the power to make it grow, but to let lawyers carve it up until there is nothing left, will ensure that the legacy fades.

    For me,…my life is complete,…I have a head full of your fathers music,..I can die a happy person,  I have listened every day,..but It only makes me sad to think others may not get to here more......I want to here more,.... 
    That vault needs to be gone through with Dweezil at the helm but everyone equal so proper decisions can be made.
    And for great Googly-Moogly sake,… don't think of what mom did, but,... what would Frank would want!

    Good Luck
    Just Plain "Bob"

  • weenie666

    To be 100% honest, the true evil here is Gail. WHY didn't she pay Dweezil?

    WHY did she (having 4 kids) give 2 30% and 2 20%, instead of all 25%???? This is OBVIOUSLY going to create animosity between siblings!

    whether it be the "why do they deserve more than me?" or the "I have a bigger percentage so I'm more important". I DO believe Dweezil honors his father more by doing what he does, if Frank was still here he would crush this b******t, Ahmet U need to think about what your doing, not only to your fathers legacy, or to your family, but also to millions of fans, your mother set this evil in motion, its up to you to fix it, be the hero!

  • Marquis Estelle

    If you look at this in purely sociological terms, it's pack dynamics, sibling order. Dweezil is the alpha, beyond any question. Fate has smiled on him.. This buttressed by the fact that he is far and away the most musically inclined of his siblings, a great guitarist, and capable of even reproducing the music of Frank Zappa. Frank Zappa's primary connection with the world was through music. Dweezil is the dominant force here, and Ahmet seems to not like it. He could deal with his being completely dominated by his older brother in better, more productive ways.It seems like every picture of Ahmet, he is making some kind of resentful smirk on his face, like he's trying to compete. But the younger brother has not exhibited the requisite competence to even figure in the musical equation. The musical equation is the only equation that matters with regards to the propogation of the Frank Zappa legacy. One hundred years from now, people will still be listening to FZ's work? Very very likely yes. Will they be listening to DZ's performances of his father's work. Be sheer association and skill (being his son, and a skilled musician, and famliar with the work), very likely yes. These are the only criteria of import. It's almost as if Ahmet has tried to create another highly significant "Zappa entity" that endows him with some erstwhile significance and important role to play in his father's legacy. It doesn't really seem that relevant, the music is what matters, not the business, the rights, the fees. So Ahmet is the family member with the largest hand held out for payment while his older brother plays the music, and plays it well? What a joke.  I think FZ would curse the very idea of the title "CEO" being attached to a business entity with his name on it, and further that such a title and the person holding that title would have any real importance to the fundamental of what Frank Zappa is all about. It's only music. Dweezil "got it" early on, maybe the others did to but just didn't have the tenacity, interest, or talent to do what DZ did. Dweezil is his father's son. Ahmet seems to be his mother's boy. Perhaps there is a deep rooted psychological dynamic of the late Mrs. Zappa (RIP) having loomed in the shadows, supporting her husband honorably and patiently all those years, that pushed her to a highler level of assertiveness that has had some unintended consequences and seemingly just poor choices on her part with regards to the very legacy she helped create. These action seem contradictory and in direct conflct with what DZ is doing so very elegantly and skillfully. No other human on the planet has the background and skills to play the music of FZ more than his oldest son. Anything, anything that hinders that process, by material implication, should be viewed as hostile to the legacy of FZ.

    These are very personal issues, that have been made very public. Please forgive me for weighing in in this fashion, but it seems so obvious.


    The world now has time to come to grips with the complexity and brilliance of FZ's music, with his oldest son serving as the tour guide and Chief Interpreter. That the understanding and popularity of this incredibly diverse body of work will only increase is a worthwhile endeavour, and most assuredly worthy of the process in the same way that the posthumous discovery and subsequent proliferation of J.S. Bach's works underwent, for Zappa is surely the peer of Bach in musical mastery and genius.This is ultimately more important than any personal or financial considerations, and that is why Zappa will go down in the history of music.

  • hannah50

    My dear child -

    As Lisa S said earlier, my heart is heavy for you as well.  Mr. Wonderful and I just saw you and your fantastic band this last Friday in Portland, Maine (and what a fabulous show it was!). 

    I shake my head when I read the letters between you and Ahmet this morning.  It reminds me of my older brother and myself after my mother's death in 1997.  While I was the one in charge of the trust, my mother knew I was the only child able to do it with a pure heart and no ulterial motives.  My brother had been in and out of jail for a good portion of his life; me, never.  My brother was a master manipulator, and after some research on his personality type and method of operation, I (and my mother on her own a year prior to my discovery of same) decided he had to be a sociopath.  Dealing with him over our Mother's estate for 2 years was a freakin nightmare.  At that time I had no idea he would turn on me like he had over previous years with both our parents, but I sure got my turn. 

    I was surprised that you were so open with us at the concert.  It was sad, but validating at the same time.  You made a comment that this is one thing you don't expect from family - and that resonated with me 100%.  I'd done nothing all my life to my older brother except to look up to him, think he was cool, smart, talented....I loved and respected him. But turns out that feeling was not recprocated in the end.  When he was on his death bed in 2005, he had poisened the pool so much that there was no way I could reach out for that 'one last conversation'.  I sincerly hope this is not the scenario that plays out for you and Ahmet, but there are times on ones life where you have to stand by your truth.  I know any last conversation with my brother would never hve be able to heal the things he'd done over the last 15-20 years of his life, to myself, Mom or Dad.

    You are not alone in this battle, Dweezil.  Many of us have been there, I just wish you didn't have to be. 

    You honored your father so completely in your show.  You do him right x 1000.  You are an amazing talent in your own right, and he's got to be extremely proud of you.  I know I would be if you were my son.










  • Terry  M.

    Being the 43 year FZ fan that I am, this breaks my heart. It's not my place to say anything about Gail or her motivations, but this all seems so unneccesary. Perhaps I'm seeing things that aren't there, but there does seem more than a hint of jealousy on Ahmet's part, as "The Dweez" is so involved in Frank's music in a way he could never be. But what do I know. What I do know is that Dweezil comes out of this mess as the more hounorable of the two. And bring on the UK tour!

  • Bruno C.

    OUch. There are some harsh words. 

  • tomas

    You sure you two are related?

     Might be worth a look see, cause he appears to be a duck.