In France...

Hello Everyone,

I'm currently in France (We are playing the Juans Le Pins Jazz Festival) and I'm working on last minute bits and pieces for the art package of "Via Zammata'." It's all coming together at long last! There are many things going on all at once but then again there are worse things in life so I'll consider myself lucky. I'm looking forward to the next leg of the ZPZ tour and the release of my new record. Thanks again to all of you who supported my record at Pledge Music.

Another exciting thing that is happening soon is the Crown Of The Continent Guitar Festival in Montana this September. I'll be teaching and performing but I'm also doing something new. I'm working on a composition that I was commissioned to write for the LAQC (Los Angeles Guitar Quartet) that will be premiered there. It's going to be interesting to hear live since the melody switches between each of the 4 guitarists in a surround sound kind of way.

Well, I'm going to get back to it... see you all on the road soon and be on the look out for "Via Zammata'."