On The Road 1 Mo' Again.

It's been a while since I've written a blog. I've been very busy in the studio making my "Via Zammata'" record (Pledge Music) and then had to jump out on the road with ZPZ to celebrate the 40th anniversary of my father's classic album "One Size Fits All."

As you can see from the photo above I had a chance to have a special guest join me on stage. A few nights ago in Las Vegas I invited Rachel Flowers to play with me and the band on a few songs. She's 21, she was born on my dad's b-day the same year he passed and she is an extremely gifted musician. She discovered my dad's music and has learned many of his songs. Some of the hardest ones too! For example she came out and played keybaords and sang on "Inca Roads" to open the show. We also had a fun guitar exchange during "Montana."

She has her own unique approach to playing guitar and all of the other instruments she plays - keyboards, flute, bass, drums... oh and she sings great too! Her ears are her eyes since she cannot see. In music there are no boundaries for her. With a photographic memory and perfect pitch she is a musical force that the world will take notice of and become inspired by.

The band and I were thrilled to provide her an avenue to express her natural or even "super"-natural musical talents. She plays with total authority and maturity beyond her years and does so with absolute joy. It was amazing to watch her run freely in the musical landscape on stage. It will live in my memories as a highlight with this Zappa Plays Zappa project.

My dad said, "Music Is The Best" and I couldn't agree more. I bet Rachel would agree too.


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