ZPZ 2014 and BEYOND!!!

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would make a little update to fill everyone in on some stuff. 2014 has been a very busy year so far. First of all, thank you very much to everyone who has come out to see Zappa Plays Zappa live on tour. It's quite a challenge to make it all happen and we all appreciate your support!

We played a lot of shows in many new and different places. It was a pleasure to play my father's music with all of the members of my band - Thanks to all of them too!

I participated in a fantastic music camp called Crown Of The Continent Guitar Festival in Montana and a Frank Zappa music scholarship was created for future students. I plan to return next year to see who the recipient is!

Over the past few years we've consistently performed shows in the fall on tour in the US and Europe. This year we are taking that period off. Sorry to those of you who may have been counting on seeing us around that time. The good news is that it will enable me to do some more work on several others projects that need some attention. Plus best of all for me, I will be home more and get to see my kids more!

Here are a few things that are taking shape for 2014 and Beyond!!!

1. I have recently been able to hire a mix engineer to prioritize completion of the remaining 2008 YCFOSA concerts. The same attention to detail has been applied to these mixes. Once completed, all of the shows will be released simultaneously for the download code holders. Updates on the progress will continue to be provided here on the DZW site.

2. I will be entering the final phase of the post production process for the 2010 live "Apostrophe" tour DVD, featuring George Duke. The high def footage looks sharp and the audio is top notch. It is being mixed by an old friend of mine who is a great engineer in Oslo, Norway.

3. I will be spending some time in the recording studio making some music of my own before the end of the year. Many more musical directions are now possible for me these days and I am in the process of deciding which musical path I wish to take. I am very excited about the opportunity to create new music of my own.

4. I will be announcing plans for the 2015 DWEEZILLA guitar camp before the end of the year.

5. I am in the process of creating an online guitar course for Truefire.com. The Truefire website is an amazing resource for guitarists. Be careful, if you play guitar the website can be addictive.

6. I will be entering the early production phases of a comprehensive ZPZ "Roxy" DVD, encompassing our 2008 filmed show as well as our 2014 filmed shows. The original Frank Zappa "Roxy" movie has finally been completed and the release date will be announced soon.

Many more things will be happening so feel free to browse the Latest And Greatest Info page on DZW.

Regards, DZ


PLEASE --- Any update on the 2010 ZPZ Apostrophe Tour DVD release??

Chris H.

Any update on the 2010 ZPZ Apostrophe Tour DVD release??

I appreciate any news!

Thanks,  Chris Holda