Hello Friends,

Our tour has started and it has been a bit of a bumpy ride to begin with. I wanted to take a moment to update you on the cancellation of the Woodstock En Beauce festival show on June 28th. Because of the complexity of the music we perform it requires us to have a fairly complex stage set up. Unfortunately a mix circumstances beyond our control created conditions at the festival that thwarted all of our efforts to get set up and play the show . With no sound getting to the equipment at the Front Of House and other problems on stage and no scheduled sound check we did the best we could to get things going but time was against us. Despite our best efforts there was no way for us to  perform the concert. We apologize to all our of supporters for having to cancel. We hope to be able to return there and perfom on another occasion.

The following day with a proper soundcheck every thing worked as expected. Our challenge in Syracuse was to survive the incredible stage temperature due to lack of air conditioning in the venue. It certainly was a hot show! We had another one of those hot and sweaty nights last night in the small town of St. Casimir QC.

Today is laundry day for sure! Looking forward to the show tonight in Brossard.


Regards, DZ