Hi Friends,

I wanted to take a moment to say a final word about our experience with Celebrity Wife Swap. While some people may have viewed my involvement in the program as a sign of the apocalypse, my wife and I saw it differently. My dad once said, "Progress is not possible without deviation from the norm" and we treated this experience in that way. We knew going in to the show that it was a "fluffy" entertainment style program and decided it would be a fun event and perhaps we might really enjoy meeting the new family. That ended up being the case. In fact it's what inspired me to write this little blog.

We have been inundated with feedback in social media and it has been largely positive. We did however notice that the Justice family experienced the aftermath of the show a little differently. While the show is labeled a "reality" show most of us know that term is inaccurate. The show doesn't have time to expose all of the complex sides of the people portrayed. Once it airs however, the real reality of public opinion comes into play. Silly nit picking takes place in web comments like, "The Zappas are enviromentally friendly yet they have an SUV!" Well, we are a single car family with 3 kids+their friends, car seats, musical equipment and luggage - and need a vehicle that, when we drive, fits our family's needs. Not enough time to explain that in the show.

After the show aired it appeared that there were some folks out there that had a negative reaction to the Justice family. This was a bummer to us because we genuinely got to know them for real in actual "reality." While our families differ in many ways we did find common ground and also found them to be lovely people. In our episode there are many fun examples of contrast between our families and that is really the underlying theme of the series, so we all expected that. Unfortunately there just wasn't enough time to see where our families intersected and found synchronicity.

The reality of the experience for us is that we made new friends and had fun in the process. We just wanted to make sure people knew there were more positive dimensions to the Justice family and that judging people, celebrity or not, about their family dynamic without actually knowing them is unfair. So if you are chained to the wall eating dog food in your mom's basement and typing away on the interweb 18 hours a day about how you would do everything better than everyone else, I guess you've really got it all "figured" out and we are all so lucky to have your amazing unsolicited advice.