Hi Folks,

Any TV fans out there? Unfortunately,  I rarely have much time for TV these days but I do like to watch it when I can. One of my favorite shows is "House Of Lies." I also like "Homeland." Apparently I only watch shows beginning with the letter H.

Sometimes I enjoy the ubiquitous train wreck style reality shows that are out there. My wife likes to watch the Gypsy wedding shows. Because of that I know more about the "blinged out" wedding dress designer Sondra Celli than I should. In any case, one of the shows that I have found amusing over the years is "Celebrity Wife Swap." Sometimes there are some pretty silly pairings and odd behaviors to witness.

With that in mind it was quite bizarre when the producers called to see if my wife Megan and I would like to participate in the show. Hmmmm.... TV or Not TV... that is the question.

We thought about it for a little while, weighing the pros and cons and then we decided... Sure! Why not have a little fun and see what happens? The ABC network is airing a promo of our episode at the end of tonight's episode. At least I think they are. Anyway, if you want to check out our episode it looks to be scheduled for June 3rd.

I have not seen any of it so I have no idea how it turned out. It was a crazy process to go through! Guess we'll see it soon.