Hello Everyone,

I have been very busy on tour lately. In between shows I have been working hard to re-design to the web site. There are many new features and I am happy to welcome all of you to the new site. I hope you all enjoy the new look.

Over the next few weeks there will be a lot more new exclusive content added. More videos, photos and exciting information. Expect to see the band hanging around on the site more often as well and be on the lookout for their special reports from the road.

Coming soon we will be doing 30 minute Q&A's on the site via live chat. They will be promoted in advance so that people can be prepared to log in.

If you are in the vicinity of Kent Ohio tomorrow join us at the Kent Stage. We added the show to the tour a few days ago. We are playing a special setlist that we are calling "Extended Encore." Hope to see you all there!

Hope to see you at the show