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DWEEZILLA 2013 finished a few days ago. I set out to create the most comprehensive modern guitar cousre available in one location. By bringing in instructors at the forefront of inventive techniques for guitar as well as teaching we were able to offer the students a dizzying amount of information. Tom Quayle, Oz Noy, Derryl Gabel, Chris Buono and David Wallimann joined me on my quest to open the doors to new musical landscapes for the students. I also had a lot of help from James Santiago and Matt Picone.

Whether a beginner or an advanced player we were prepared to offer information as fundamentally basic as needed or as deep as our collective experience could provide.

What I found most interesting was the variety in which we as the faculty approached teaching and playing. During camp we were able to collectively identify within our own approaches a desire to strike a balance between the application of theoretical knowledge and a sense of freedom to essentially break all of the rules, hence DWEEZILLA's battle cry "Learn and Destroy." I believe it is a common goal for players of all levels of skill and knowledge as well.

There were several discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of knowing all of the rules and being governed by them especially while improvising. In an effort to attain free expression on the instrument there can be struggle to "unlearn" in order to have more freedom. The opposite challenge of coming from a place of limited exposure, learning the concepts of theory and their rules of engagement and applying them without losing one's own uniqueness can also be quite difficult.

The good news is that ultimately we all have our own ears to guide us. Depending on our own discipline we can all use the same tools and find our own path. The way I see it, the more you know the greater the color palette grows. With those new colors you can create a more detailed picture for yourself and for your audience.

I know I learned a lot at camp this year. I am particularly inspired to study the lesson from Oz Noy on diminished and augmented relationships. The good news for all of you who missed the one on one experience at camp is that truefire.com filmed the lessons  and will be preparing an online DWEEZILLA experience for all interested students. I will provide a release date for that as soon as I know it.

Once again I want to thank all of the students and instructors for making DWEEZILLA 2013 such a fun and thought provoking experience.

Best Regards to all, DZ

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