Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to to take a quick moment to give you all an update on the many things that I am in the process of preparing for 2013. There are some significant things to showcase this year. The "Roxy" 40th anniversary tour is certainly a highlight. It has long been one of favorite albums and we will have a lot of fun playing the record in its entirety.

As history has shown, Frank's band line-ups changed with frequency during his career. Each time creating a new layer of detailed sound and an opportunity for new musicians to rise to the challenge of his music and his leadership. It has always been a great opportunity for audiences to become familiar with new and talented musicians as well. This history is more like tradition.

My own line-up for ZPZ maintained a core unit for a longer term than many of the incarnations of Frank's bands. Over time things shift here or there and people have other commitments or other interests or it's simply time for a change. Each time a change takes place in the band  I view it as great opportunity to continue to explore the challenges within the music and to present the show with new inspiration and determination. We have recently had a change within the core and we are enthusiastically welcoming a new drummer Ryan Brown. More on that in a moment.

Joe Travers has made many fantastic contributions to the Zappa Plays Zappa project, my own music projects and to the catalog through his role as the Vaultmeister there is no doubt that we will have opportunities to work together again. We've played together and been friends for more than 20 years so there's no fodder for all of the special speculators and instigators out there.

Now back to Ryan Brown. A few calls went out to find an appropriate replacement for Joe Travers. There was a lot of deliberation over criteria for the audition process and there was a very short time frame to make this change happen since there is a massive amount of prep work to be done.

Ryan is not unlike Joe in his love for the music and his knowledge of totality of the catalog. He has a great awareness of the different drummers that played with Frank and an ability to channel their styles when needed. His mom made him a Zappa pillow when he was a kid and this music has been a huge part of his life. His attitude and ability has earned him his spot in the band and we are looking forward to bringing a new energy and perspective to the stage.

You will be hearing him on stage beginning in September but you will hear him sooner on a track called DINOSAUR which I have just recorded for a DWEEZILLA project that is soon to be released.

Hope to see you on tour!