Hello Everyone,

I am looking forward to yet another adventure on the road. Fresh off the heels of our year ending winter tour, our "Rocking Teenage Combo" has added a few surprises to the setlist. Never afraid of a challenge we've learned and will be premiering a song that is most likely unknown to a large portion of the audience but has quite an intriguing theme. Would it fit on a Broadway stage? Hmmm... Don't know but it would be interesting.

I've also chosen to learn a cover song that Frank played in the past. It was originally sung by a member (only briefly) of Frank's band. It has a decidedly different sound than the rest of the material in the show.

Besides hints at new material, I am also happy to share with you that I will be doing some guitar clinics before the concerts on this upcoming tour in the following cities:

1/24 Houston


1/25 Dallas


1/27 New Orleans


1/31 Jackson


2/4 Charleston


2/6 Baltimore (Still to be confirmed)


2/10 Montreal

DWEEZILLA is taking place again this year on July 4th Weekend and is even more guitar oriented than it has been in the past. http://www.dweezilzappaworld.com/pages/dweezilla

The clinics I will be doing are condensed versions representative of what students will experience at my DWEEZILLA music camp. They will 70 minutes long and are Q/A centered. Players of all skill levels are welcome at camp and at the clinics. I will be discussing common techniques I use for the hardest elements in ZPZ as well as improv strategies I employ. The clinics will take place in the early afternoon - 2pm prior to sound check. We are still doing our VIP sound check events on tour as well.

I look forward to seeing you all on tour, now with even more options to engage yourself with the music.

Here are a few of the clinics listed online. I hope these links can answer any other questions you may have.

1/24 Houston http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/0C004A2EE442B95D1/25 Dallas: http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/0C004A3197C35C852/6 Baltimore http://www.missiontix.com/events/product/16410/

Regards, DZ