Hi Everyone,

In case you're interested I thought I would write a brief note to describe some of the circumstances of life on the road. After returning from Europe I'm a little turned around time-wise and haven't been getting too much sleep. Today I got up early and went into the venue to work out, which seems to help clear my mind and prepare me for the workday.

Next, I changed strings on all 3 of my guitars. I had broken a string in Copenhagen and wanted to avoid that here in the US. Oddly enough I have only broken 4 strings on stage since 2006. These days I don't have the budget for a guitar tech so I do it myself and I actually enjoy making sure the guitars are set up well.

When I was changing strings I was getting the feeling that the little break between tours was going to create a bit of a spark onstage for me tonight. It was because I had some time to practice as well and I was excited to try some new ideas in my improvisational moments. I was pretty happy with the results.

The band also had a fire under them tonight. The little break seemed to inspire some great playing all around. The audience was very enthusiastic and we fed off of each other all night. There seemed to be a consensus from them that Frank never made it to Fargo for a concert. Because of that the folks out in the seats had quite a lot of anticipation.

I hope they enjoyed the show. I know we had a great time performing.

Off to Minneapolis now... who's coming to the show? Are you?

Regards, DZ