Artis The Spoonman

Being that DZPZ played Cleveland recently I figured I should address the need of a Hall Of Fame area for all those that Play Real Good For Free. It's just good nature fun to document not only what happened all those years ago but show how that spirit is alive and well in what Dweezil Zappa is bringing to the live stage today. How Dweezil brings out these guest artists or has fans come up for audience participation time. That custom is a long celebrated one that many long time Zappa fans had a chance to see in so many different ways.

Artis The Spoon Man performed with FZ well over 25 years ago. I would hope that the Zappa Vault Archives can give us a sampling of that someday. Then again, in speaking of samples, Artis Spoons were sampled for Frank Zappa's Civilization Phaze III and as of this writing the unreleased Dance Me This projects. While we wait to see if a feature performance by Artis will appear on a future Zappa project the supplied links below give a good indication of what Artis brought not only to the Zappa stage but performances outside quite a few Zappa concerts. While the fans waited the many hours before showtimes at the Palladium and The Ritz in 1981 Artis was there entertaining the crowds.

While there is noteworthy MTV video of myself it would not be fair to induct myself. I make note of this because I am humbly proud that Artis The Spoon Man was the first to congratulate me for singing and conducting many of NY Finest Crazy Type Persons with a Palladium Marque Street Edition of the German Verse of Stick It Out. Being that MTV had requested I do an interview for them to promote the Zappa on MTV Halloween 81' shows the least I could do was give an answer to one specific question they had asked, that answer coming not only in dialog but in performance. When asked what my favorite Zappa song was and if I though FZ would perform it that night I had stated many fans not so much came to hear or had a favorite Zappa song but ever much more so liked the orchestrated event of it all. I had suggested that I could easily sing to one particular one in German and they kindly let me do that. Oct 31st, 1981. How time goes by so quickly. Some day the ZFT  will give us all an opportunity to get a far more encompassing eyes and ears view of that evenings shows and but also some other mysteries that took place at what many call the greatest concert ever, Zappa Live at The Ritz  November 17, 1981.  

Artis The Spoon Man had performed live on stage with Frank during that NYC run. I was happy to see him perform on several occasions both live on stage and at these mentioned marque lined streets of NYC before several Zappa shows at The Palladium & The Ritz.  I induct Artis The Spoon Man into the NYC Finest Crazy Type Person Hall Of Fame.

Artis The Spoonman on NBC Sunday Night
Episode 2.15 1990

KUOW Presents Artis The Spoonman
Amanda Wilde 01/05/12  

Artis the Spoonman and Reggie Miles "Live" - There's A Hole

Producer / Director / Cinematography: Sam Nuttmann & Keith Bolling

Mats/Morgan Band - Advokaten


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