I did a voice on tonight's episode of METALOCALYPSE. I haven't seen it yet. Each episode takes 5 -6 months to animate and complete. Other ovices on the show were done by
adult swim 12:15 AM  Marc Maron, Patton Oswalt and Kim Thayil.

I remember losing my voice doing all of the screaming.

It's on ADULT SWIM tonight at 12:15AM.



martin g.

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Stipe J.

I loved the first season the most. We got to know every character and artist of the band and how they only know about music and nothing else. Season 2 was good too but i wasn't able to follow them up from then on. I miss the write me an assignment  show a lot and there are many funny and memorable moments and scenes from Metalcalypse which i still remember and cherish.