In this ridiculous, never-ending saga that is my attempt to build a recording studio, here is a recent highlight:

Mmgb Audi 1

A local studio was downsizing and we picked up this glorious piece of audio history very cheaply ($8500). It is an Auditronics 740 console, made in Memphis in 1982. It was the primary console for a major studio in Australia during the 80's and many classic Australian songs were recorded on it - Americans might be familiar with "Under the Milky Way" -

It needs a little "loving" but we are working on that. There are some minor electronic issues, as well as the obvious scuffs and dings in the woodwork.

Getting it into our studio was a "keystone kops" affair - it took six people just to get it through the door. It also doesn't yet work as we don't have the right connectors to hook it up to Pro Tools (and getting 50 new TRS plugs in the Christmas week is basically impossible.) So it is a ridiculously elaborate CD player at the moment.

The console and some more new toys are on display here:

Back when this all started we naively thought we'd be open by May 2011. We are now hoping to open in March 2012. 

Majid M.

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ankit s.

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Madelyn  K.

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